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papz 09-24-2012 03:20 PM

Aaron Kromer Breaks Down Chiefs Contest
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Opening statement: “What makes this a tough situation is that the organization has had so much success lately since Sean Payton got here in 2006 that to be 0-3 is uncharted territory. What we need to do is continue on course, keep our building together, keep our locker room together and work as a team, work as individuals to get better and collectively to get better. There were many situations in the game that we stopped or made plays, defensively stopped a play or offensively made a play and then in critical situations did not, so what we need to do is find an answer for those situations and why that didn’t happen at that particular time.”

With respect to your ability as a coach, is this turning out to be a tougher job than expected?

“Here’s what I told the team: The toughest people in the world and the most successful take on a challenge and look forward to a challenge. That’s what we’re going to do and what we’re looking at. We’re looking forward to the challenge we have ahead of us. We’re 0-3 and nothing can erase that. But the successful people, the Drew Brees’ of the world, the Will Smith’s of the world, Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper, they look forward to these kinds of situations and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Is it as simple as an execution problem offensively and defensively?


At any point have you considered personnel changes at positions?

“There are plenty of situations where each guy that had a failure on a play made that exact same play through the year (this year and last). They just need to do it.”

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D_it_up 09-24-2012 03:26 PM

Re: Aaron Kromer Breaks Down Chiefs Contest
Here's the breakdown, Kromer. Pretty cut and dry.

The defense stunk.
The offense stunk.
Special teams stunk.

SaintsBro 09-24-2012 04:04 PM

Re: Aaron Kromer Breaks Down Chiefs Contest
Interesting about the 3 and outs:

Is it as simple as you guys ‘didn’t have your foot on the gas pedal?’ In that situation, some would say the team ‘lacked their killer instinct’.

“I doubt if we lacked killer instinct. I don’t think we finished very well. It was 99 plays on our defense. They were rotating some guys in and trying to keep guys fresh. Their offense did a job towards the end. Offensively, we were backed up and didn’t do a good job. All we need is one first down. If you look at our history, if we get one first down we move the ball and we continue to keep the ball. Our tempo is what wins games for us. If you can’t get that first first down, you can’t use what you use best offensively. We have to get one first down when we get out there. If it’s coming out from the five-yard line then that is what it is.”

So you’re saying it’s three-and-out or an 80-yard drive?

“It sure seems like it in the recent history.”

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