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TheOak 09-25-2012 12:36 PM

To the entire Saints Organization
I am pissed and tired of all of the excuses surrounding 0-3. You NEED to start giving me a gawd damned reason to be proud of your effort, your desire, earn that "****1ng Fleur-de lis"". You play PROFESSIONAL Football, you are elite athletes, you are all grown azzed men. An excuse is only good once, after that you know what the problem is and you adapt, you fix the problem. Stop complaining to the media, stop hanging your head, find your testicular fortitude. Sean Payton is not here this year to hold your hand... Get over it and find a way win. If you do not want to be called soft, over paid, candy azzes then find a way to win. I am damned proud of my flag and my country because brave boys... barely men... fought to defend its honor with their lives. If you professional football players want to call that field a battle field then you had better start acting like its a damned battle field and fight with every ounce of energy and strength that you have in your body. If you cant fight for what you want then stop calling it a battle field, stop calling your selves warriors and gladiators. Call your self what you are, contestants.

Audi Murphy- if a 5/5" and 110 lbs, 19 year old can figure out how to do what he did then the Saints need to figure out how to do what they need to.

Medal of Honor action
The next day, January 26 (the temperature was 14 F (−10 C) with 24 inches (61 cm) of snow on the ground), his unit participated in the battle at Holtzwihr, France.[1][5] After fighting for some time, Murphy's unit was reduced to an effective strength of 19 out of 128. Murphy sent all of the remaining men to the rear[5] while he shot at the Germans with his M1 carbine until he ran out of ammunition. He then climbed aboard an abandoned, burning M10 tank destroyer and used its .50 caliber machine gun[1] to cut down the German infantry,[5] including one full squad of German infantry who crawled in a ditch to within 100 feet (30 m) of his position. He was able to call in artillery fire using a land-line telephone and, under heavy fire, was wounded in the leg.[1][5] He nonetheless continued his nearly single-handed battle for almost an hour.[1][5] He only stopped fighting when his telephone line to the artillery fire direction center was cut by enemy artillery. As his remaining men moved forward, he quickly organized them into a counter-attack[1][5] which ultimately drove the enemy from Holtzwihr. For these actions, Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor.[1][5]
When asked after the war why he had seized the machine gun and taken on an entire company of German infantry, he replied simply, "They were killing my friends."[12][13]
Murphy was removed from the front lines and made a liaison officer. He was promoted to 1st lieutenant on February 22, 1945. On June 2, 1945, Lt. Gen. Alexander Patch, commander of the US Seventh Army, presented him with the Medal of Honor and Legion of Merit. The Legion of Merit was given to him for meritorious service with the 3rd Infantry Division in France from January 22 to February 18, 1945. On June 10, Murphy left Paris by plane and arrived in San Antonio, Texas four days later.
Murphy was awarded 33 U.S. decorations and medals, five medals from France, and one from Belgium.[1][5] He received every U.S. decoration for valor available to Army ground personnel at the time.[13] He earned the Silver Star twice in three days, two Bronze Star Medals, three Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Medal of Honor.[13]

Earn my damned fandom, and that "****1ng Fleur de lis'" on the side of your helmet!... Or go write about players that can.

WhoDat!656 09-25-2012 12:47 PM

Re: To the entire Saints Organization
Well said!

Excuses are like a$$holes and elbows: Everyone has one or two and they usually stink!!

TheOak 09-25-2012 12:56 PM

Re: To the entire Saints Organization
Ive just had it with the "he held me", "he touched me"... "refs wont call penalties"...

Your a grown man! If you let another grown man hold you tenderly its because you want him to! I would rather see a penalty for unnecessary roughness because someone broke a defenders hand than, see my QB get hit.

Bradshaw played with his lung in his sock for Christs sake!

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