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Saintaintso 09-25-2012 04:26 PM

What Can Turn Us Around Fastest Isn't The Obvious Choice
I play College Ball and let me first say I am not suggesting this fix as a fan , but as someone who is living what the Saints are going through ...

Trenchwork ... O Line , D Line ...

Anyone watch the Packers Seahawks Game ? Beyond the Terrible Call Seattle Abused Aaron Rodgers with a 4 sometimes 3 Man Passrush. 8 Sacks in 1 Half Of Football. They looked like the Steel Curtain !

When you can generate pressure without blitzing , you are setting your DB's up for success , because your coverage isn't compromised due to a Blitzing Man who should have been in Coverage ! ( San Francisco Ring A Bell ) Less used to Create Pressure , More there for Coverage ( More Int's , Better Defense ect .. )

Now look at our Games , why are our Defensive Lineman making tackles 10 - 15 Yards down the Field That's the DB's Job ! Their money is made in the Offenses Backfield Not 20 yards on our side of the Field ! ? Why is Sedrick Ellis and Everyone Else Getting Blown Back , Why are our Defensive Lineman Making Tackles on their backs ? Why are we allowing the Offense to bring the fight to us ?

D-Line is so poor that not only do they get blown back & miss the tackle but they also allow the man they were supposed to beat to block a linebacker and now we have a huge play going for a TD ( Kansas City Ring Any Bells ) ( Marshawn Lynch Ring Any Bells )

Spagnolo has his work cut out for him ... Fire him is what alot of people are suggesting but in my mind no DC can fix a Defense that is Fundamentally broken. The things I am suggesting are what Kids In Pop Warner to High School Are Taught ... They Don't go over it so much in College and in the Pro's because you are supposed to have it down by then.

O line , Watching Zach Strief Getting Mollywhopped was hilarious .. I mean Really Was the Guy that Unblockable that you got Blown Back 10 Yards in 2 Seconds ? Bushrod is worse ... Get some Ballers In there Asap ... With the plethora of backs we have we should be the # 1 Rushing Offense in the Game.

ChrisXVI 09-25-2012 04:46 PM

Re: What Can Turn Us Around Fastest Isn't The Obvious Choice
Don't disagree with you at all. Sedrick Ellis and Jermon Bushrod are free-agents after this season and they won't be back. Akiem Hicks will replace Ellis considering Spag's probably had a pretty heavy hand in drafting him. We'll probably spend our first round draft pick on Joeckel or Matthews from Texas A&M to fill Bushrod's spot.

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