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papz 09-26-2012 06:47 PM

Drew Brees Breaks Down Offensive Performance
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Aaron Kromer said practice today was much faster and more relaxed as you get ready for Green Bay this week. Was that how it felt from a playerís perspective?

ďYes, I thought preparation was good today starting with meetings this morning and just the mindset, getting outside and on the grass and running around a little bit, putting that base install in. I thought today was very productive.Ē

You were outspoken on Monday following the Green Bay-Seattle game about the referees. Do you have any comments about getting the regular officials back?

ďNo, I guess I heard the talks are ongoing. It seems like things are close. I think thatís great.Ē

As far as your comments on Monday and then seeing what happened that night, did that push it even further?

ďIíd say that the headlines that came out Monday, which was Brees bashes replacement officials, is not entirely accurate. It was more a challenge to the league to resolve the matter and the fact that you feel like they obviously hold a great responsibility in making sure that thatís done properly. Iíve been at the bargaining table before with our lockout situation a year and a half ago, so I know what thatís like. It takes both sides to come to a resolution and there needs to be compromise. I guess it was fitting that that evening we all saw what happened and I donít think we need to re-visit that. I think the fact is, for me, and regardless of whether right now, and I stated this on Monday but Iím not sure if it got reported, but the first thing I said, because I talked to a few different people - to be honest with you I never heard the audio or anything that was stated so I donít know exactly what was stated - but I know I talked to about three different outlets and basically said the same thing, and that was first of all (there are) no excuses for our play and (we) only worry about the things that we can control, and that is just going out, preparing each week and just playing, and also the fact that these replacement officials have been put in a really tough position, because theyíre not qualified with the instincts and everything else to be out there with the speed of the game. The level of play is just not fair to them. Theyíre doing the best they can. Thatís what I said. I donít know if it got reported that way. I donít think it did. The fact that everybody is getting together, it seems like theyíre close to a resolution, is a good thing. To be honest with you, I have compartmentalized that. So regardless of what happens, thatís not my thought process. Itís about how I can prepare to help this team win. If there are replacement officials out there, so be it, we still play the game the same way. If itís the other officials, then so be it, weíre still going to play the game the same way.Ē

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