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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; There seems to be something different about this years Saints. Oh, there's been lots of talent here the last few years. And there's always the usual preseason hype every year. But this year I sense something different coming from the ...

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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

There seems to be something different about this years Saints. Oh, there's been lots of talent here the last few years. And there's always the usual preseason hype every year. But this year I sense something different coming from the coaches and the players.

It's like a quite confidence. We aren't hearing phrases like "unleash the beast" from Charles Grant or any of the other players. We're hearing a much more professional approach to this season.

Maybe that comes when the core group of players have been with the team for years. Or maybe these talented players are tired of watching other teams from the division go to the super bowl. Whatever it is, something is different. It's almost like the coaches and players know something we don't.

Now we're hearing about continuity, accountability, and discipline. I guess when you ship a Dale Carter and Grady Jackson out of town and bring in a player like Brian Young and a coach like John Pease, it just might bring a more professional approach to the game. A much needed one at that.

IMO, that's been missing the past few years.

If this translates to consistency on offense, no one is going to want to face our offense. We know what they're capable of but they haven't been able to be consistent with it.

Stallworth looks like he's matured this year and I just get the feeling he's going to explode on the NFL like something no one has seen in a while.

Deuce had a great year last year, but the way he's going to be used this year, I think he's going to be much better. Last year he rushed for 1600 yds when teams were putting 8 in the box. I don't think opposing defenses are going to put 8 in the box against our "spread" offense this year. But, by all means, I hope they do. That would only leave 3 defenders to cover the pass. Can you spell M-I-S-M-A-T-C-H!!

Michael Lewis is healthy and should have something to prove this year. I like when our offense only has to drive 50 or 60 yds for a TD.

Then there's the defense. We all know the story here. We all know the talent on the D-line. IF, right?? Yep, that's right, IF. If they play up to potential, we could be in the super bowl this year.

That's why this professional approach is something that's much needed down in the Big Easy.

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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

I feel it too. A quite confidence. Its like they\'re thinking \"you are gonna be shocked at how good we\'re gonna be\".

I\'m still a bit skeptical about the coaching staff but theres no question the talent and depth is there at every position to make a solid run at it.

Players know their assignments, no overhaul to deal with, no new system to learn, no player confusion on who has who, no worries about gelling in time, no camp holdouts of key players.

The only thing that could realistically ruin this season is another massive onslaught of injuries or one injuries at a very key spot. I refuse to name names but he\'s the only player guaranteed his starting position.

United We Stand,
Divided We Fall
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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

I\'m going to go out on a limb here and say that with the good press that has been given to the Saints players during camp so far, they will win the division. Even though I\'m not a card-carrying member of the Sunshine Club, y\'all can chalk one up for that.
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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

In my humble opinon it only takes one thing to gel to get the ball rolling. The addition of Pease is going to make a huge impact on the attitude of the D-Line.The experience of Pease is probably going to effect the others on the coaching staff as well. Once the team gets fired up in one area consistently, making huge plays and supporting each other, like I know Pease will have the D-Line doing, the rest of thhe team will folow suit. Pretty soon the whole team will catch fire and the offense we know is there will start to make the fans feel great once again. I\'ve been involved with teams before that had an impact coach come in and make a BIG difference. It\'s like you WANT to come in and play for this guy, it\'s not so much a chore anymore. And when you know he knows what he is doing, you buy into it and play with a lot more confidence. Although not normally considered a member of the Sunshine Club, I\'m feeling it too!
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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

The thing about quiet confidence and an even professional approach is that it\'s the ideal psychology for an assasin. When you apply that same mentality to a football team, it\'s almost not fair. This is our frickin\' year. Read my signature. It\'s true, it\'s damn true.
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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

I think this year is the Saint\'s year too. It only takes one seed to grow a tree, I really believe Haz is that seed. He has brought together a good bunch of coaches and players. He has been preaching consistency, which I truly feel will end in a superbowl victory, after consistenly winning all season long of course.

The mighty oak has spoken!
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I sense a confidence, a swagger, something.

I have visited the nola website and forum. I also log on to the saints website. I have argued for the past 4 yrs that Haz truely came here with a 5 Yr plan. I believe this year is the year the saints reap the rewards for every move they made. We may have not agreed with the move or the players picked..BUT..HAZLETT Loves his coaching job and No one would know better than he does in what he wants to accomplish and the players he needs to accomplish it. The Hardest part of sucess is building the success.
The fans Have lived so long for such hype that most of us simply beleive that the NFL doesnt want the saints to win..Those days are over..Remember all the silly calls againts the saints..All the flags which were obvious to which shouldnt have been thrown..I remember Ricky Jackson saying after a game..
Years ago we may have prevented ourselves from winning..BUT..THOSE DAYS ARE OVER..Now they are gonna have to accept that We ARE A GOOD TEAM!
Well If the saints believe they have the makings of a winner, Which appears they do have..The NFL better take notice cause the boys in black will see the GOLD!!
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