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Mark Ingram's Woes

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; PT gets hit just as early, he just breaks tackles more consistantly....

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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

PT gets hit just as early, he just breaks tackles more consistantly.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

Maybe its time for a dose of Ivory.

That dude just PUNISHES people when he hits them, in a way I've never seen Ingram manage to do.

Now, Ivory also hurts himself more, so take that how you will.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

I honestly root for the kid every-time he's on the field because we spent a 1st round pick on him and he's good.

That said, I think the Saints have no business drafting running backs in the 1st round. In fact, going forward, they need to ONLY draft d-line and and DB's. Only think on offense the Saints need to draft for the next 4 years are o-linemen.

Loomis is so good at finding hidden talent, half our runningbacks are trades, undrafted/underrated players or late round picks.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 View Post
I alluded to the Saints letting opposing defenses know what we are doing in another thread. We have done nothing creative this year.. Defenses are not sitting back anymore against the Manning's, Brees's, and Brady's, they are coming after them.

That is because Payton isn't calling plays this year.
With Payton you could exspect the unexspected every game. That element of surprise is gone. Have to get out of this comfort zone. Onsides kick to start this week, I would have no problem with that at all. A fake field goal, something other than just going through the motions. I would not even run Ingram up the middle.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

I like you Shoe. Any friend of Ivory is a friend of mine.


I want so badly for Ingram to have a breakout year, but I just don't think he's got it in him.

In the future, get the guy who DIDN'T get the Heisman. He's always a better player.

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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

I don't have time to do it, it's probably not really worth actually figuring it out, but I would LOVE to revisit the playcalling of Ingram's first six games, when Payton was calling the plays for him. Were they all inside runs up the middle, or was Sean Payton doing different things with him, in the games leading up to Payton's injury in Tampa Bay? I really can't remember, but it would be interesting to look back and see. Is this what Payton really had in mind?

I do remember seeing this familiar up-the-middle thing happening, late in the year last year. But it was Pierre Thomas who really busted out and took over the Lions game in the playoffs, as I recall.

But Ingram's numbers for this THIS year compared to last year are just pathetic. Something's wrong and it's not Grubbs, because Grubbs is grading so high.

I am watching this Youtube video right now of "Mark Ingram Highlights" from Alabama, and he is running all over the place -- inside, outside, screens, sideline around the ends, passes over the middle, catching the ball and reversing direction to the total opposite side of the field... It looks nothing like what we are getting from him here.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

Good point SaintsBro... A light bulb just went off..

You can never have too many runningbacks... Correct.

You CAN have too many niche running backs... Apparently using a different back as a tool for a specific play tells the defense who is coming at them with what.
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

I'm one of those people who usually says something to the effect of "The coaches know a lot more than us so quit acting like you're qualified to criticize." In this case though I think we're right. Give the guy the same chance the other backs get. At this point he might as well have a target on jersey instead of a number.

(And I'm by no means one of his fans.)
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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

If only coaches read fanboards...

Every week, someone on this board hits it DEAD ON. Not the same person every time, but someone is always right on.

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Re: Mark Ingram's Woes

There was never a good reason to draft Ingram. They tried to tell us he was versatile, but I never saw that in college and I surely don't see it now. There is a reason that Mark always carries the ball when he's in there. It's all he really seems to know how to do, and he sucks at that too, I'm sorry to say.

Did not Maurice Jones-Drew lead the league in rushing last year despite playing in a horrible offense with the worst quarterback in the league, at the time? You think teams weren't keying in on him? quit making excuses for Ingram... He's a bust, period. Frankly, even if he were good it would still have been a bad pick based on needs.
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If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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