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mighty12 09-28-2012 05:26 PM

The rest of the way
We have 13 games to go, so this team SHOULD be in the sense of urgency mode. However, I have not seen this happening on the field and don't expect that to change this week. So, I took a look at the remaining schedule to see if there is still a shot that Drew and 'em can get this done. Here is what we have.

Sep 30 @Green Bay 4:25 pm Must win? you bet your ass although I dont think they will do it against an angry Packers team, 1-3 would be a kick start, plus the Packers would fall to 1-3 and we would have the tie breaker.

Oct 7 San Diego 8:20 pm If(This is a huge IF) the Saints are 1-3 here, there is a lot more to play for than the Unitas record. Drew loves playing against SD and probing how wrong they were to release him. 2-3 before the bye and we could be rolling.


Oct 21 @Tampa Bay 1:00 pm We always have trouble AT Tampa, however this is a team in as much dissaray as we are and if we can come in and punch them in the mouth and go to 3-3 the week before Vitt comes back we are well on our way.

Oct 28 @Denver 8:20 pm Peyton is not Peyton these days and Vitt is back. Could we be well on our way? We would have to be 3-3 and win this to go 4-3. It is back to back road games and we always seem to have trouble against former players(i.e. Fujita in Cleveland now Porter in Denver) but win here and whodat nation is back to partying on the seats of the superdome.

It all starts this weekend and getting that first win is always key to sparking a win streak. Beat GB and this season can turn around. Lose..............and get ready to watch some other team dance in the streets of NOLA for the super bowl.

WhoDat!656 09-28-2012 05:53 PM

Re: The rest of the way
A win against the Packers is not beyong the realm of possibility. It will take a complete team effort for the Saints to win against a very good Packer team.

The Saints are going to have to get some defensive guys healthy if they are going to get back into the running.

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