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GumboBC 08-07-2004 07:05 AM

Training camp news. How much do you believe?
Right now we're hearing all kinds of reports out of training camp. Some good. Some bad and some that makes me wonder.

Not only do we have reports coming from coaches and players, we have guys in the media that give their "expert" analysis on everything. It's easy to get caught up in the hype and it's also easy to get caught up in the negative reports.

Is there any way to seperate fact from fiction? At this point I'd say it would be pretty tough.

Here's some things I always try to keep in mind:

1. It's training camp!!
There hasn't even been any live tackling. Haslett says the first "real" tackling will be at the "black and gold" scrimmage.

2. Coaches say all kinds of things about players this time of year for a variety of reasons.
The coaches job is not to give the fans an accurate report. They are trying to push the right buttons to get players to step up to the challenge.

3. It's the media's job to write interesting stories.
How many times has the media "hyped" a player(s) this time of year and been wrong? MANY times!! How many times has the media "bashed" a player this time of year and been wrong? MANY times!!

I'm not saying some of what the coaches and media are saying isn't true. But I think you really have to take a lot of it with a grain of salt.

Consider this:

a.) Howard Green has looked dominating and Sully is looking terrible.
Do you beleive Green is ready to start on opening day because the coaches have talked him up in training camp? I don't believe that for a second. The fact is, the coaches can't even know how he'll perform. And how could they? Do you believe Sully is as bad as the coaches are reporting? I have no idea, but I think it's a STRONG possibility they might be trying to light a fire under Sully's arse!!! That's what I'd do. How 'bout you?

b. Our cornerbacks look great.
Do you believe this? Not me. Not for a second. These aren't game situations. I've heard the CB's are grabbing the recievers and really mugging them. Something they wouldn't be allowed to do in a real game. But is that true? I don't know. I just know I've heard it all before and it turned out not to be true once the regular season got here.

Here's what I really know to be the truth at this point:

1. You don't have to worry about Deuce or Joe Horn.
2. Our offensive line is solid.
3. Our tightend sitution is solid.
4. If Stalloworth can stay healthy our offense will be much better.
5. If Brooks doesn't fumble the ball this year we'll have a QB that can easily get us to the playoffs.
6. We have some great pass rushers at DE.
7. Our middle linebackers are a complete mystery. Except for Ruff.
8. Fred Thomas is a solid CB. Craft is a mystery.
9. Our D-line might be good and they might look the same as last year? There's no way to get a good indication on how they'll play.
10. The coaches and players are saying all the right things and I really like the way they are doing things. You can't ask much more. But, will it be enough?

Well, that's the way I look at things. How 'bout some of you? How do you see it?

CheramieIII 08-07-2004 09:29 AM

Training camp news. How much do you believe?
The media will hype everything, but you know the news they generally talk more about the negative, then the positive. So, when I hear something good it generally means to me that it was excellent and deserved alot more attention.

Sully is looking alot better or at least showing the right attitude and Green is much improved but I don\'t think he starts on opening day.

I think our CB\'s are playing better, but like you said it\'s only training camp.

I agree with everything else you said, but would add the following:

4. Even if Stallworth does\'nt stay healthy the Saint\'s WR\'s will be more productive this year.
9. Our D-Line will be much improved with the acquisitions of Young and Smith and don\'t forget about Pease. Remeber the same D-Line does\'nt always mean that they won\'t get better. I really believe this consistency thing that Haz is preaching this year. It will all come together.

biloxi-indian 08-07-2004 11:31 AM

Training camp news. How much do you believe?
As for coaches talking players is another possibility; If you have something you want to get rid dress it up and make it look pretty no matter how ugly it may be so someone else will want IT. At least you have a chance of SELLING it and getting a FAIR price.

Some of these comments could be trial baloons to see if there are any interested parties or takers. IMO.

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