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SaintGup 10-01-2012 03:41 AM

My take, my view.
We lost again, as if I need tell you all. However, after mulling it over all night I have come to a few conclusions which people have a right to disagree with...but please don't.
I was so gutted last week I was down for ages and waking in the morning was just awful but there is a reason I didn't feel as bad this time, despite us being 0-4. There was a semblance of our old offense as instead of short passes to Tight Ends and Running Backs, we were completing some down the field just like our confidence was back. Ok, it wasn't perfect but our O-Line did a hell of a lot better in protecting Brees who torched their much vaunted pass defense.
Our defense didn't give up massive plays as before. At least we made them fight for it, more so than we have made any other team. There was a bit more fire in them then there has been of late.
In all I found it a vast improvement on the previous games and, though I am not happy about the loss I really do believe we will beat the Chargers and start to turn this around PROVIDING we keep that same spirit...
There may be some problems with our defensive backs but they cannot cover forever. We had NO pass rush at all and for me this is where the game was lost. Rogers had so long in the pocket and even when flushed out he made plays as our four linemen were otherwise engaged and we had no contain. Maybe an extra blitzer or two would cause more problems. Our D-Line play was really bad.
I know that Hartley missed that field goal but can you in all honesty say that was what lost us the game? It would have put us ahead but there was enough time on the clock for them to march down the field. They may not have but the game was not over so, while it certainly didn't help, it was not the reason we lost the game.
I feel that there was a case of bad play calling (no running plays after they punted the ball to us in the fourth quarter) Ok, I know our running game wasn't great but you still have to keep the defense honest by using it so because of this, they were able to cover our guys easily.
Also, because of lack of focus we called two time outs in the second half that I knew were going to bite us in the ass later on.
Our O-Line needs to run block better, though there were so many times we just ran it up the middle straight into BJ Raji so there wasn't a great deal of variety there.
I was glad we were going for it on 4th and two but that 5 yard penalty made me scream.
We have obviously underestimated what losing our Head Coach would mean
and for the first time last night I feel that our coaches lost a little of their fear and it would be nice they could build on this.

So in summing up, I say that if this was not a fluke of a game then we truly have turned a corner and just maybe by the time we meet the Falcons we will be 4-4.
BELIEVE and FAITH are just words unless you truly do and truly have it.
GEAUX SAINTS!:bng::bng::bng::bng:

skymike 10-01-2012 04:51 AM

Re: My take, my view.
I wont stop Believing.

Journey would be proud.

NOS2SB 10-01-2012 06:12 AM

Re: My take, my view.
We'll win the next 12 games and go 12-4.

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