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SuperDome 10-01-2012 08:46 AM

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow...some thoughts via the Interbordal Peace Commission
As I sit here drinking my coffee, I am discouraged and down as most reading these words. That is what being a Saints fan is...the highs and the lows. Many of you of recent Who Dat fandom don't remember the years when, more often than not, EVERY year was like this. Don't worry, my friends, things will get better (and sometimes, worst) because that is what the NFL is all about.

From yesterday's game:

Drew did tie Unitas for games with consecutive games with a touchdown pass, and if you didn't have a horse in the race, I believe, it was a compelling game to watch.

Even with the regular officials, there were calls that went both ways that left me scratching my head. The more I think about this, I believe the most important thing is to get the call right, because of this I think the NFL should move more towards an NCAA replay rule with a replay official in the press box to review all "non-judgement" call (ex. pass interference). This would do two things, one, even if a team, like the Packers, are out of challenges and get hosed on a call, like the Sproles fumble, the situation can be corrected so the right call can be made and, secondly, the "Replay Official" position would give older refs, who are having trouble keeping up physically on the field, a way to remain in the game, using their knowledge of the game, while opening up positions for younger officials who can better keep up on the field physically, thus being in better positions to make better calls.

The thought process about replays brought me to today and the possible Goodell review of the pay for performance/bountygate/pay to injure/witch hunt or whatever the Commissioner is calling it these days. I understand that to overturn a call on the field you need, "Clear visual evidence." I believe the key word here is, "visual." The only "evidence" that has been SEEN, is sworn testimony that refutes the NFL penalties. The NFL is doing everything in its power to avoid going to discovery in court. Every time the NFL releases a piece of evidence, it has been flawed, hearsay, or downright discredited by independent research into the facts (ex. the "ledger" vs. actual injuries that happened in games; I believe it was an article by the LA times) CLEAR VISUAL least be consistent!

Going on to the rest of the season, this isn't going to be easy, it never is, but just like I tell people before the season when asked, "How many games are the Saints goin' to win this year?" I always say, "One," the next game...that is all you can do. No one has ever hit a ten-run home can only do what you can and for the Saints, that means, to win the next game, one quarter, one series, one play at a time. One thing that Coach Mora taught me was to never get too high after victory, or too low after a loss. I hate losing! My stomach is in knots (maybe I shouldn't have had the 36oz coffee) but it is all kept inside. In another thread, a poster stated that this board was starting to sound like the Falcon's board, PLEASE !!!!! Take it in stride. Know that the players and coaches are working hard to be better. No one likes this, especially, in that locker room. If you tossed and turned, like many of us last night, imagine what that plane ride back from Green Bay was like last night.

Keep the faith, like the "FAITH" yard sign I have in my office that I found in what was left of my house after Katrina. Things are bad, I am not trying to "sugar-coat" it, but things will get better, remember...


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