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CheramieIII 08-08-2004 11:33 PM

How did you become a Saint's Fan?
I saw this question on another site and thought it would be interesting, myself I was born and raised in New Orleans. I was 7 the Saint's first year. My father was a cop and he would meet the players at certain functions and get me autographs all the time. I got Hargett's, Taylor's, Kilmer's and Dempsey's from the old school and many others. I remember listening to the Saint's on the radio because in them days there were only 4 stations in NO, WVUE, WDSU, WWL and WGNO and we were always blacked out.
Sometimes we forget how good we have it now, compared to the time when information was a week late and Buddy D. was still dispensing it.

I guess I have always been black and gold, Geaux Saint's!!!!!!!!!

Sarsippius 08-09-2004 12:57 AM

How did you become a Saint's Fan?
growing up as a kid in Louisville, KY...we didnt have any local favorite team. I jumped on the bandwagon as a Steeler fan during their Steel Curtain days of championships. One day however watching a game against the Houston Oilers, i saw a man named Earl Campbell run all over the out of his through a tackle where his jersey got completely ripped off. I became a huge earl campbell fan, and therefore followed the Oilers. This was sured up by the fact that in 1980, my father moved to Houston, and then in 1985 I moved to Houston as well and the following year they drafted Earnest Givens from Louisville. Luv Ya Blue Through and Through for me.

I moved back to live with my mother in Indiana in 88, and while they had the Colts...i was still a die hard Oiler fan. After High School ended in 92 I moved back to Houston for college and my favorite team! Year after year, Bud Adams held the city of Houston hostage demanding one thing after another for the Astrodome, forcing them to remove the old Astrodome scoreboard in lieu of more seats, ruining the best part of watching an Astros game. Finally as you know, he threatened to move the team if we didnt give him a new stadium....after 5 straight years of demanding rennovations to the we said goodbye to Bud and the Oilers as well....

from 1997 until 2000 I stayed in Houston without a team...miserable. Couldnt root for the Titans even though they still had most of the same players you rooted for the previous years.....even though they had drafted Mcnair and George as an Oiler and you just knew something good was about to happen for them.....couldnt do it - wouldnt do it. Instead i went without football....

When i arrived in New was just in time to catch the tail end of the 2000 season. Talk about perfect timing....the city was in a buzz about the Saints and then they marched on to their first ever playoff win as you all the hell do you not become a Saints fan after starving for football for 4 years and walk into that as you move in?? Sure the following 3 years have been disappointing...but the way I see it is we all know the Saints were playoff caliber. With three botched seasons worth of higher draft picks, and some very well orchestrated trades and drafts....this team has managed to build a very young, fast, talented, and now deep roster of top of the line players that can concievably be kept in contract for 3-4 more years....that is unheard of in this age of free agency and salary caps.

If this be the year that the saints do it...then my friends the other good news is we also have a solid 3-4 more years of expecting the same if not better play as the team matures. I believe you lifer fans\' decades of misery comes to an end as soon as this year, and possibly more than once =) It is a good time to be a saint\'s fan for once, and i\'m glad im part of it!


Saint.tastic 08-09-2004 10:46 AM

How did you become a Saint's Fan?
My uncle was born in N.O but my grandparents moved here to Maryland and when I was growing up I stayed over his house all the time and on sundays he would watch all the Saints game that he could get. And sence he pretty much raised me the Saints grow on me and I have been a Saints fan ever since I was about 9 or 10 and I have been a fan for about 15 years. And went to my First Saints game at the Dome 2 years ago when they played the Rams on Monday night That was awsome. But I did get to see them twice when they played the Ravens and once when they played the Redskins. So that\'s how I became a Saints fan.

And Loving every minute of it even though they make me want to cry sometimes.

whodatsaintsfan26 08-09-2004 10:56 AM

How did you become a Saint's Fan?
I was born into the saints. My parents used to watch the Saints in Tulane Stadium and got season tickets the first year the Saints moved to the superdome. I was going to every home game by the time i was 2 with my a shirt that said Who Dat on the front of it and Falcons suck on the back. I always loved the saints, but I think when I really became a lifer was the first monday night win the Saints had against Pittsburgh. I dont remember, but think it is the only monday night game they\'ve won. Someone correct me if they have another one, because I dont remember. The steelers were down 7 and driving the dome was rocking the foam was spilling. I have never heard the dome that loud before. I dont remember for sure, but I believe Ricky Jackson picked it off and ended the game. To this day it is the best game that I have been to. I moved from New Orleans in 97 and didnt make it to the Rams playoff game. My only regret in moving is I only get to make it to two games at the dome each year. You know I still have that silly shirt hanging in my closet waiting on my first born son to pass it down to. Two daughters later im still waiting to pass that great saints jean on.

frankeefrank 08-09-2004 08:43 PM

How did you become a Saint's Fan?
I got really, really drunk one night...
And one of my buddies dared me to gat a tattoo...
Apparently I said yes, then preceeded to pass out.
I woke up the next morning, in a teepee with \"property of the New Orleans Saints\" tattooed on my rear end...
I figured it was a sign or sorts and I \'ve followed the team ever since.

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