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GumboBC 08-09-2004 05:45 PM

BlackandBlue and lummOx on the HOT SEAT!
I'm going to put you 2 guys on the spot for a minute.

But first: B&B and lummOx have always been 2 of the most unbiased members on the board. They don't have any agendas or anything like that. Not saying anyone does.

Plus, I value their opinion.

Anyway, what do you think of the Saints at this point? Do you get the feeling that we are a playoff team? Same? What? I know it's hard to say, but what's your gut feeling?

You guys are now off the HOT SEAT!!

lumm0x 08-09-2004 06:32 PM

BlackandBlue and lummOx on the HOT SEAT!
Holy crap....I come to check for some breaking news and I\'ve been called out!!!!

Saints right now.....on paper we have a very solid offense. We are returning almost every player from last season. Stecker could be a nice change of pace back-up as an addition. Watching him in Tampa he always appeared to have a second gear when running. We should be better than last season. Very excited about Donte possibly being healthy for a full season. I like our chances of being one of the most explosive and unstoppable offenses in the league.
On defense I think we\'re better as well. If not better, then deeper. We\'ve added quality and potential at every position. We did fail to address the need (IMO) for an impact defender. That one marquee playmaker. Our offense has one to three of these guys, depending on who is asked. Our defense has none.
Overall I think we\'re a better team, by additions as well as cohesion from returning so many starters. In our division I think we will be the only team better than last year. The problem with that is that I don\'t think Tampa, Atlanta or Carolina were worse than us before. I think our playing field is more level this year in comparision. Atlanta and Tampa have experienced alot of changes and will be tougher down the stretch but exposed early. Carolina will not surprise anyone. Teams will respect the Steve Smith, Jake Delhomme, DeShaun Foster, etc. more so than they did last regular season.

Bottom line- We are a better team I believe. We need some mojo going our way though. A repeat performance of injuries like we had early last year will once again kill us. If we stay healthy I firmly believe we are 9-7 at the worst. I\'m no huge optimist but I will drop my hat in with a 10-6 prediction.

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