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iceshack149 08-10-2004 01:08 AM

Barry Sanders

Whatever the reason for Sanders' retirement, his place in football history is secure. And now that he's enshrined in the Hall of Fame, it is documented for all time. Sanders' father, William, introduced his son as "the third-best running back that ever lived" -- behind Hall of Famer Jim Brown and himself (William Sanders played running back at Wichita North 30 years before Barry).

John Elway, in his enshrinement speech, was quick to contradict the elder Sanders.

"I'll call him the best running back that ever played," Elway said of Barry Sanders, "even if his dad doesn't agree."

Barry's dad clowned him upon his enshrinement. This may not be important to anybody else here but it's been driving me crazy. I think that Barry's dad was referring to Walter Payton as the second best running back, however, Barry was the best. If he had a better line he would have blown Payton's record away within his ten years- easily.
You can't beat Walter Payton's heart but you can't deny Sander's superior running ability.

dberce1 08-10-2004 08:26 AM

Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders, hands down, is the best RB to ever lace up cleats. Emmit Smith holding that record is a joke, Sanders would have broken it his next season, and probably could be playing today, he\'s only 36. Someone asked Jim Brown who the best running back to play was, and he simply replied, \"Barry Sanders\".

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