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GumboBC 08-10-2004 07:54 AM

Aaron Brooks Saints MVP of 2004
That's right... I said it!! Deuce Deuce Deuce. Yeah, I love the guy but there's another player on this team that is capable of dominating. Aaron Brooks, that's right.

We've all seen him have games where he looked like the best QB in the league. In fact, Brooks has done EVERYTHING well at times. We've seen him lead dramatic comebacks. We've seen him take over a game with both his legs and his arm. We've seen him have passing games that would make Joe Montana jeleous!!

But the problem has been inconsistency. Although, Brooks was much more consistent last year but it was overshadowed by his fumbling. And the rest of the offense was inconsistent too. Which reflects back on the QB.

This year things might just be different. Brooks has far less criticism facing him this year from what I can tell. Look no further than THIS board for proof !!

Brooks is due. It's his time to silence all of his critics and it's his time to shine.

Deuce -- You are a great runningback but you might just get overshadowed this year by Aaron Brooks!!

CheramieIII 08-10-2004 08:04 AM

Aaron Brooks Saints MVP of 2004
Gumbo, I think you maybe right on this one. Brook\'s has already predicted the Saint\'s will make the playoffs. You have to have the vision before it will work and come to think about it, I can\'t remember Brook\'s predicting that in the last few years.

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