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Boccal 08-11-2004 02:59 PM

Madden 2005
I got Madden 2005 Yesterday and I guess the video game producers are Falcons fans the Saints are at the bottom of the Heap again this year......maybe aftera good showing this year they will finally give the players on the team some respect.

saintfan 08-11-2004 03:13 PM

Madden 2005
Don\'t be such a tease. What\'s the game like man? It is better? New features? Throw me a freakin\' bone will ya? LOL

CheramieIII 08-11-2004 06:37 PM

Madden 2005
Everyone will think differently about the Saint\'s after this year. Even us.

BlackandBlue 08-11-2004 06:50 PM

Madden 2005
Can you post the player ratings for the Saints roster? I\'ve got another month till it\'s out on PC, but am curious.

pakowitz 08-11-2004 10:13 PM

Madden 2005
i havent played it yet but have you guys tried the new espn nfl 2k5, its pretty bad ass... alot better then madden was last year... and i have to say that madden better be super redone from last year or espn will blow it out the water

Boccal 08-12-2004 08:29 AM

Madden 2005
Well sorry to be disagree with you there is no better football game better than madden and there never will be. I’ve play both 2k5 and Madden05 and the features that madden has is better for any of you that enjoyed the Front office on 04 will love it on O5 they added media to the mix. (Newspaper and Radio). As for the game play everything flows better than ever. And now for the best part the D, the game has been taken to a new level this year by them adding the hit stick and the fact that all of you who think that you are going to go right in and play the ALL-Madden level starting out...good luck this year they have turned off all and I mean ALL computer assistance. So you are totally on your own. The corners will stand there and watch a ball go by and not even try to break it up. The D is kind of hard to figure out because you can\'t get a real pass rush and the computer will pick you apart, with people like Tim Ratty. But once you figure out that you can\'t do anything you could on 2004 you will be ok. I always win by a big margin when I was playing 2004 but I am struggling to win by 3 against the 49ers. But over all they made all the necessary changes this year and they have proved that the do listen to the players to try and make a more realistic and fun.

themightyduck 08-12-2004 11:45 AM

Madden 2005
For BlackandBlue:

I found a site that has all the players\' ratings on the game. Just scroll down a little bit till you get to the Saints link.

Here\'s some things I noticed: Mike Vick has a 94 for speed, but Michael Lewis has a 97 for speed ... The only FB on the Saints roster is Sam Gash ... The top 2 rated players overall are Deuce (94) and LeCharles Bentley (93), who is now listed as a center.

pakowitz 08-12-2004 04:16 PM

Madden 2005
well boccal, like i said, i had not played madden 05 yet so i did not know about all the changes made. i had only played 2k5 up to that point and it was much much better then 04 so i had said that it was the best game i had played up to that point in time....

but i have a ? for you....

is madden 05 better then 2k5? if so, how much better? and what makes it better? uve mentioned that it puts in the media but so does 2k5 as well... u can watch sportscenter n other stuff every week... and the game is tough as well, its hard to pass and even harder to run....i lost by 10 pts the other night to the puter and i had never been beaten by the puter before on any madden not tryin to argue b/c i love madden games, just wanna know what is different between them

BlackandBlue 08-12-2004 05:06 PM

Madden 2005
Looks like everything is right, even the rookies. Having Grant start at 80 in his rookie season seems on par, although I think a 74 for Henderson is a bit much, he\'s a 2nd round pick, and if you played Madden long enough, you know there\'s no way to draft a receiver that good in the 2nd round.
More overrated players:
Jerome Pathon: 78
Darrin Smith: 80
Jay Bellamy: 82
Jason Craft: 81

Underrated players:
Fakhir Brown: 66
Jerry Fontenot: 73
Talman Gardner: 67
Montrae Holland: 71
Derrick Rodgers: 78

They seem to equal out to me. Any thoughts?

kenpersons 08-12-2004 06:33 PM

Madden 2005
The difference between Madden and NFL 2k5 is that Madden is the product of evolution. It\'s a game that established an identy a long time ago and has been revising itself ever since. No other game has been making such constant progress to becoming the perfect game.

Some features I most love- you can create your own personnel packages on offense, so you can substitute and mix up talent just like they do on sundays. You can disguise everything you\'re doing on defense, and you can change an entire defense on the fly, like telling Fred Thomas to blitz when he had the flat and sending Will Smith to the flat instead.

The franchise mode is sick with it\'s depth and detail. When Aaron Brooks throws his 100th career touchdown pass, it\'s announced on the Tony Bruno show. How\'s that for detail?

You can practice in franchise mode now, something I appreciate as a fan who will play several years into a franchise. It\'s nice to know what the new guys can do.

When you\'re attempting a field goal in the last two minutes of a close game, the camera angle lowers to the holder\'s point of view, and there\'s a heartbeat sound in the background, all of which simulating the pressure of a clutch kick. I dig that.

It\'s a fantastic game, thorough and fun. Don\'t worry about the rosters being wrong. They\'re always wrong, but now, they get updated. The EA people update the rosters throughout the season and you can download them.

I love madden.

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