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CheramieIII 08-12-2004 11:17 PM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Vick did start the game against the Raven's. but was qucikly pulled after getting smashed by a Raven's CB who laid him on his back, after he got through the O Line pretty much untouched.

Are the Falcon's scared that Vick is going to get hurt again so soon?

I hope they guard Cinderfella really good this year or keep him on the bench entirely. He might look good in the uniform on the sidelines or maybe turned into a smashed pumpkin on the field.

whodatsaintsfan26 08-13-2004 12:04 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Nothing hurts my feelings more than seeing Vick with a cast on his legs. Couldnt happen to a better person

WhoDat 08-13-2004 06:41 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Vick was only scheduled to play one series. I can\'t believe people still talk trash about this guy like he\'s a joke. He may have his ups and downs, be even on his bad days he\'s better than a lot of starters in the NFL, IMO.

GumboBC 08-13-2004 07:13 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Yeah, I agree, WhoDat. Vick isn\'t the best QB in the league. But, he can beat you damn near by himself. This guy caannot be taken lightly.

It is going to be interesting to see him play this year. Will he run as much? My gut feeling tells me he won\'t.

When Vick gets to the point where he\'s a passing QB, that\'s when he\'ll be most dangerous. Then he can pick and choose when he WANTS to run.

Danno 08-13-2004 07:20 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Vick is an incredibly gifted kid. If he continues to improve his passing he will no doubt become one of the all time greats.
I\'d take him right here right now for Brooks Boumann AND JTO no questions asked.

CheramieIII 08-13-2004 08:42 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
I did\'nt say he was\'nt good or even great, someday, but I was pointing out the fact that maybe the coaching staff will be a little over protective of him this year because of his past injury.

Just liked to see any Falcon get smashed, that\'s all.

D_it_up 08-13-2004 08:46 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
We all know Vick is a great runner and athlete, but he better improve on that 52% completion percentage before he can be considered a great passer. Chris Weinke, Joey Harrington, and Patrick Ramsey have higher completion percentages for crying out loud.

St.Shrume 08-13-2004 09:14 AM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Do you guys remember what AB went through when they decided he should become a pocket passer, rather than instinctive? The playoff year, Brooks looked exciting, amazing, etc.

Then he looked like a mediocre to slightly above average. I think Vick will go through the same thing too. Except I think Vick has more of a \'winner\' personality, confidence, etc.

So I do not expect much from Vick and the Falcons early this year (especially with their OL). But by mid-season to late season, they might get dangerous.

I truly wish no players got injured. I do not wish that on any team, or any one person (with the Falcons it\'s close, thoough ;) ) I want the Saints to beat people at their best, and prove themselves.

CheramieIII 08-13-2004 05:49 PM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Never want to see any player get hurt either, just want to see him get beat up a little, by the Saint\'s of course.

CheramieIII 08-13-2004 06:13 PM

Vick a Cinderella Story!
Everyone knows what to do to the Falcons now, if you can\'t take Vick out of the game smother him so he can\'t breathe and the team dies:

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