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Danno 08-13-2004 07:11 AM

Linebackers, Plan B

OK, they said last year that Cie Grant's knee will always cause him pain and frequent swelling. Its only a matter of him being able to withstand the pain. There is no structural damage.
But doesn't it make sense that Haslett should move him over to WLB to back up Rodgers?
1. Watson is showing he is already an upgrade over Ruff.
2. Ruff is a solid back-up at MLB
3. Cie can't go 16 games at MLB with that knee.
4. Cie would probably excell platooning WLB with Rodgers.

SLB-Allen, Hodge
MLB-Watson, Ruff
WLB-Rodgers, Grant

7th LB- Darren Smith? Colby Bockwoldt? Roger Knight? Another teams cut?

GumboBC 08-13-2004 07:47 AM

Linebackers, Plan B

1. Watson is showing he is already an upgrade over Ruff

Danno, that\'s a pretty safe statement. But, what does it mean? Does it just mean Watson is better than Ruff, or what are you saying here?

Just wondering becasue I\'m concerned about our MLB. Looks like Cie might not hold up this year and that places Watson in a tough role. Be a rookie MLB starting in the nfl is a tough thing to do.

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