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So is the season still over from some...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Still seeing rays of sunshine from our defense now? I doubt it....

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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Still seeing rays of sunshine from our defense now? I doubt it.
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

"So is the season still over from some..."

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Re: So is the season still over from some...

It's officially over when we lose that 7th game. We still got two to give. Personally I think two things:

a) we're about to go on a 4-0 run
b) it won't matter

I think this team just isn't very good without our HC. I think that even with all the luck in the world there's no way this defense can keep from losing two more games. So I think this run I'm predicting will keep us all interested for a while, but in the end it will only serve to lessen our draft pick.
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Yeah. Pretty much over at this point. Unfortunate,

Since we were screwed so hard by the NFL, losing-out is not out of the question to screw them back. Really, with this defense and coordinator, we don't even have to throw the game!

NFL-licensed purchases down.
Attendance down.
Betting against the Saints - UP

Such a sad day.

Gonna be a long winter.

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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Still a Saints' fan. Will be.
Yes, this season is over.
Best it can be by winning over some weaker teams is come out 8-8.
It might be 7-9. I hope it does not get worst that .
Sean Payton has left the building and it shows.
No one from coaching staff, players are working, trying, worrying too much.
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Yes its over
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Yeah its over now, if we won vs broncos we would have had a shot

i'll still show up and watch the game every week, i'll even start tackling for our team because it looks like our players don't want to

try salvage some pride out of the season, at the end of the day if we win 5 games or if we win 7, we going to get a good draft pick

but a high draft pick will not sort out that thing some people call a "defense"

thats all up to spags now, all the reports said spags is not as shouty in your face as GW was, i'd kill for that now

Atleast GW let them know about it when they ****ed up, we give up big plays and just line up smiling on the next play

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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Originally Posted by arsaint View Post
Still skeptical with this D, but a lot more hope that post KC game. I think we finish 8-8 at worst now. A few weeks ago it looked more like 5-11.

Let's get to 4-4 first, then black Atlanta's eye and I'll be sold on playoffs.

Season continues, playoff hopes OVER.

The only chance this team would have is to switch defensive coaches and players with whoever is the #1 ranked D right now, and that might not be enough if we run up against another good D that slows the offense down like last night.
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

Let's see how well the team responds and take it from there. We can still lose 2 more games (most likely) and make the Wildcard.
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Re: So is the season still over from some...

It sure seems that way. Doesn't matter if we win or lose from this point on, if the defense continues to suck and we have no running game, it won't matter if we somehow make the playoffs or not. We'll be like Atlanta, one and done.
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