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frankeefrank 08-13-2004 10:57 PM

Did anyone else see the hilites on ESPN tonight?
Ridiculous, I know the Saints reside in the 42 nd market, and NYis #1... But c'mon.
First it was a Chad Pennington love fesst... showing his one long completion. Then they show Curtis Martin break through for his lone long run... Fine those are real stories I admit.
But then, thy show Bollinger's fumble on the snap... the fumbled snap??? Not the sack and force fumble by Howard? What? It set up the Pathon Score

They they single out Jonathon Vilma's tackle of Aaron stecker... after a thre yard gain. a frieken tackle on a routine run... They played the U of Miami card...

Will Smith had a sack... Hello he's from <Miami too.
Finally, when I was about to have a coronary... They showed Bouman's scramble and TD throw to Pathon. Folowed by the oh by the way, the Saints win by TEN!!!!!

4 Jets hiites, 1 Saints hilite.
I work in the media and I've seen some sick stuff, this ranks up there.
Or am I overreacting?
Prbably the latter, I'm just starting to get frustrated.

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CheramieIII 08-13-2004 11:33 PM

No, you\'re not overreacting. They showed the same damn Giants Highlights twice and showed the Saint\'s for a total of 15 seconds. It\'s probably said to say, but even when we win the Superbowl this year they will show the other team more. ESPN needs some competition from a sports channel that show unbiased sporting news and gives every city equal time. I think markets other than California and New York should boycott ESPN until they start giving equal time to every team.

frankeefrank 08-13-2004 11:55 PM

I agree
on both fronts... on ESPN and We\'ll be in the Superbowl

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