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CheramieIII 08-14-2004 12:33 PM

Season Prediction?
Someone needs to top this one or how do you do that and I will?

Everyone has a prediction, so let's all make our prediction and see how it comes out the end of the season. I want to see who is left standing at the end of the year:

My prediction is 11-5.

Anyone else?

ScottyRo 08-14-2004 12:37 PM

Season Prediction?
It\'s still too early, but I\'ll go with 9-7. It can be better depending on the QBs.

The reality is that if Brooks were to be HOT all season, we could win with any team\'s backups as our starting D. The problem is Brooks has never shown that he can be HOT for more than one or two games at a time.

saintfan 08-14-2004 01:34 PM

Season Prediction?
Yeah, the Saints will be in the Red Zone a lot this season but the other team will be too. Very much like last year I fear, but I\'m not without hope. This was, afterall, the first pre-season game so we\'ll see. There were some good things last night along with the bad and I\'m known to lean a little positive. I\'ll go 10-6. I was gonna say 12-4 but I\'d like to see Gator live a little longer, so I\'ll go with 10-6. I hope and I pray.

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no_cloning 08-15-2004 07:54 AM

Season Prediction?
10-6 which will be good enough for the division title.

Schedule is favorable. I see the Saints in quite a few shoot-outs this year. They\'ll put up 30+ points in 4, 5 or even more games.

saintz08 08-15-2004 01:03 PM

Season Prediction?

Schedule is favorable.
The schedule sucks .......

It is a mind blowing East meets West road trip fest . At Oakland , bye week and then back in San Diego . Saints have the early home games but they usually come out of the gates strong and fail in December , 3 of the 4 final games are away games against divisonal rivals and play off hopefuls .

I will go with 9-7 with losing one of the final 4 games to eliminate the Saints from the wild card picture ....

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