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JOESAM2002 08-15-2004 09:52 AM

McAllister's contract value and other things...
McAllister's contract value soaring
Sunday, August 15, 2004
Jeff Duncan
When LaDainian Tomlinson hit the jackpot with his new contract worth nearly $60 million over eight years, including $21 million in guranteed money, the only person happier than the Chargers running back was Deuce McAllister.

The market value for the Saints running back has soared in the past six months.

First Clinton Portis received an eight-year, $50 million deal from the Redskins in March. Then came the news in the past few days that Tomlinson has trumped that deal to become the highest-paid runner in the NFL.

News of Tomlinson's contract couldn't have pleased Saints officials. They already were concerned about the ramifications of Portis' deal on negotiations with McAllister, who has two years remaining on his current contract. Now Tomlinson, a player whose production McAllister has matched the past two seasons, tops it.

You could almost hear the adding machines crunching at the Saints' Airline Drive facility when news of Tomlinson's deal hit the streets Thursday.

The Saints have told McAllister's agent, Ben Dogra, that they would like to sign the running back to a multi-year contract extension either before the regular season or next offseason. Like Tomlinson's deal, they've kept talks below radar. No deadline has been set, and numbers haven't yet been discussed. But rest assured, when every "T" is eventually crossed, the deal will be the largest contract in club history.

That is, if the deal is ever done.

McAllister's next contract is the greatest challenge yet for Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and director of football operations Russ Ball. They understand the importance of rewarding McAllister and locking him into a long-term deal. They also know the organization, situated in one of the smallest, economically challenged markets in the NFL, is limited financially.

The Tomlinson deal complicates their mission.

The Saints could explain away Portis' deal as Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder's excessiveness. That strategy won't work now that San Diego, one of the few organizations even more frugal than New Orleans, has broken the bank for Tomlinson.

Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said of Tomlinson this week, "He's a terrific, terrific player, and all the superlatives about him as a player, I think, are exceeded by the fact that he is an even better person."

The same can be said of McAllister.

Next to the new riverfront stadium project, McAllister is the Saints' most valuable future commodity. He is the first defining superstar in club history, a player who is universally respected by teammates, opponents and the media and adored by fans.

If ever there was a Saint who deserved an empty-the-pockets deal, it's McAllister. He set a franchise record with 2,157 total yards from scrimmage last season. His 1,641 rushing yards in 2003 was the second-best mark in club history. In his first two seasons as the team's feature back, he's rushed for 3,029 yards and totaled 3,897 yards from scrimmage. Only Tomlinson and Portis are in his ballpark.

Speaking of ballparks, Loomis raised eyebrows during a radio interview earlier this year when asked if McAllister could expect a deal with a signing bonus in the same ballpark as Portis and Tomlinson. Loomis' reply: "Not in our ballpark."

Thanks to Tomlinson, that ballpark just added a retractable roof this week.

While the Saints aren't required to do anything for two years, it's in their best interest to get a deal done early.

GOOD MOVE: They'd never say it publicly, but Archie and Eli Manning must be smiling these days as they watch the on-going contract saga between the San Diego Chargers and No. 1 pick Philip Rivers.

The circus-like stalemate was exactly the reason the Mannings wanted no part of the Chargers organization. San Diego pulled its offer to Rivers from the table last week after he rejected a recent proposal.

Team officials and Rivers' agent, Jimmy Sexton, reportedly are about $4.25 million apart on a six-year base contract. The team is offering $39.75 million, and Rivers is seeking $44 million. In their contract offer to Rivers, the Chargers included an incentive package that would pay Rivers a $5 million bonus if he appeared in four Pro Bowls and won four Super Bowls in his first six seasons. The bonus escalated to $10 million if he appeared in six Pro Bowls and won six Super Bowls in his first six seasons.

BAD MOVE: The Saints were proud of their crowd of 4,132 for the Black and Gold scrimmage last week, but it was dwarfed by turnouts at other league venues. The Vikings drew more than 8,000 for a recent scrimmage against Kansas City. The Eagles attracted 25,000 fans for a morning training camp practice last week at Lehigh. And in Green Bay, a crowd of 60,216 flocked to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers' annual preseason intrasquad scrimmage. Maybe if the Saints didn't charge ridiculous prices of $20 and $28, their attendance would have been better. Tickets to the Vikings-Chiefs scrimmage were $20 and $13. Tickets to the Packers scrimmage were $8.

AROUND THE AFC: The Patriots are giving 12-year veteran receiver Troy Brown practice time at defensive back. He's been getting time with the second nickle defensive unit for the first two weeks of training camp. . . . Rookie tight end Kris Wilson has opened eyes in Kansas City. He's being paired with Pro Bowler Tony Gonzalez in a variety of two-tight end sets, with running back Priest Holmes in a single-back formation. . . . In an attempt to prepare his team for the increased enforcement of illegal contact by a defender against a receiver this season, Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer is having his defensive backs wear boxing gloves during one-on-one pass drills.

AROUND THE NFC: Falcons quarterback Michael Vick expects to run the ball less this year. He predicted about 70 to 75 carries this season, after rushing 113 times in 2002. . . . The Panthers are eyeing former Chargers tackle Vaughan Parker as a replacement for recently retired right tackle Adam Meadows. . . . The Buccaneers' acquisition of receiver Tim Brown should aid the development of rookie Michael Clayton. Of Brown, Clayton said he plans to "stick to his hip. There are a lot of things I can learn from him. This is going to be a great experience for me." . . . Tim Couch has struggled to pick up the Packers' offense and is being outperformed in practice by unheralded career reserve Doug Pederson. . . . Former LSU standout Bradie James has vaulted ahead of three-time Pro Bowler Dexter Coakley at outside linebacker in Dallas.

AUDIBLE: "He was someone that could really contribute on the field and off of it. But everyone has to do what they think is consistent with their priorities, and that's what he did." -- NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue to St. Louis-area reporters on Ricky Williams' retirement.

CheramieIII 08-15-2004 11:27 AM

McAllister's contract value and other things...
I agree with Jeff that we are going to have to pay alot, but we will.

I don\'t agree with the \"first Defining Superstar\" statement. We\'ve had several players in team history that live up to that billing, Archie, Jackson, Mills, Danny, Kilmer, Dempsey. Rogers and Hillard did well for us and I believe they still have more yards in Saint\'s history than Deuce, not after this year though.

The fans loved these guys too and they all played with alot of Heart, some of them played hung over and that takes alot of determination.

I\'m not saying that Deuce will be the all time Saint\'s superstar a few years from now, but if he left today would he be your\'s?

FWtex 08-16-2004 12:25 AM

McAllister's contract value and other things...
Sorry guys, but if it comes to duece wanting a Tomlinson deal I say get a Hershal Walker trade deal out of him. San Diego evidently has some bad drinking water out there and they opened a pandora\'s box that I do not want to see the saints jump into.

Deuce could break the all time rushing record but, like all other NFL players, is one play away from the end of a career. The big reason I have been a Haz opponent is because he has squandered the best talent this team has had. NFL teams do not get many opportunities to win it all (especially small market teams) and this year will have to be the year. Its time to take heart of the issue and look at the business side. This may be Deuces last year in a saints uniform. If they do not get a contract done with him this year his agent will call off negotiations and take Deuce to free agency, where the saints will not be able to compete.

lumm0x 08-16-2004 12:40 AM

McAllister's contract value and other things...

The big reason I have been a Haz opponent is because he has squandered the best talent this team has had.
Such as?

CheramieIII 08-16-2004 10:12 PM

McAllister's contract value and other things...
We opened the box with Tricky. We all know what Deuce can do and the Saint\'s will pay dearly to keep that, I believe that\'s why they were ok with drafting Smith this year and not trade up for a CB. Cap room, alot of cap room. I really hope Howard stay\'s after this season, but if we don\'t we have Smith and alot more money for the Deuce.

FWtex 08-17-2004 07:34 PM

McAllister's contract value and other things...
Such as?

The easy one is two years ago when he refused to bench Brooks and they lost the last 4 games of the season.

Failure to bring in a Def Coord. and an Off. Coord when it was clear by the ineptness and underachievment from both sides of the ball.

Taking the QB job from Blake after he was injured and after he led the team to its finest season in history.

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