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GumboBC 08-16-2004 10:41 PM

Who's hot and who's not !!
Ol' Billy boy decided to go around the league and find out who's hot and who's not!!

Hold on tight, here we go!!!

Who's hot:

1. Tampa Bay: The Bucs manhandled the Bengals by the score of 20-6. The Bucs starting offense looked outstanding as they drove down the field on their 1st two possessions and kicked 2 field goals.

2. Huston Texans: David Carr showed the Cowboys secondary just how good they AREN'T!!! Carr completed 7 of 8 passes for 89 yards and one TD. All done against the Cowboys starting defense!! The Texans dominated the Cowboys and won the game by a score of 18-0 !!

3. Miami Dolphins: Who says the Dolphins don't have an offense? Dolphins runningback Fred Russell touched the Jaguars defense for 101 yards as the Dolphins took care of the Jaguars by a score of 16-5 !!

Who's not:

1. Eagles: The Eagles defense allowed a whopping 164 yards on the ground to the Patriots. Cory Dillion only had 23 of those yards. Makes you wonder if the Eagles defense is that bad or the Patriots running game has improved that much !!

2. K.C. Chiefs: The Chiefs lost to the Giants by a score of 34-24. Seems the Chiefs will not be able to stop the run this year as they allowed the Great Ron Dayne to rush for 118 yards on 11 carries.

3. Colts: Yes the Colts beat the Chargers. But the score was 21-17. But what's really troubling is what the Colts defense did. They allowed almost every runningback to average about 8-yards per carry. Oh, and by the way, Tomlinson didn't play!! The Colts defense also allowed Drew Brees to complete 11 of 14 for 156 yards and a TD.

If this preseason is any indicator, things are going to be much different around the NFL this year.

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