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papz 11-14-2012 07:24 PM

Drew Brees: Recent Offensive Balance is as Good as You Can Get
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How much do you think Dennis Allen remembers how you play and the things you do considering he was here for five years as a member of the defensive coaching staff?

“I’m sure he’s very familiar with us from a personnel standpoint. It’s a lot of the same faces from two years ago when he was (last) here. Obviously, he was here for a long stretch. I would say there’s probably a lot of familiarity (with us). That’s just kind of even more reason why we need to make sure that we’re very familiar with them by the end of the week.”

Given that there are only 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, did it concern you when you heard that four of them went down in one week?

“Yes, you never want to see that, especially a lot of head injuries and a lot of concussions. Unfortunately, it’s part of the game to an extent. But when that many go down on one Sunday and it’s a lot of pretty high-profile guys, you just hope that obviously all the necessary measures are being taken and make sure that they’re definitely healed up before they come back.”

How do you think you’ve been able to stay so healthy since you’ve been here in New Orleans?

“Some of it’s luck. In a lot of cases as a quarterback, when you stand in the pocket you just trust the guys around you. You’re throwing out of a mine field at times. Some of those things are out of your control to an extent. If a guy rolls up on you or hits you in the back or hits you while you’re in a compromised position, so at times it’s luck and at other times I think, for me, I’ve got a great workout routine, a maintenance routine, for my shoulder and for my entire body. Flexibility, all those things you try to do to make yourself as durable as possible and just thank your lucky stars when you can make it out of a game and make it out of a season pretty much unscathed. But you’re going to have things from time to time and that’s part of the game and you just have to deal with those when they do happen.”

When was the last time you had a concussion?

“I had one in ’05 when I was playing for the Chargers against the Jets. That was my last one.”

How do guys on offense view Thomas Morstead? When the offense is backed up, is he the guy that gets you out of the hole?

“Yeah, he’s “The Leg.” He’s the secret weapon. That’s a guy who can just flip the field for you. There are games where you understand that you’re going to have to play the field position battle a little bit. Both sides of the ball are going to be grinding it out and at times you know that offensively, if we can get one first down or two first downs, all of a sudden if we get stopped, we have a punter who can punt it inside their ten (yard line) and really put the opposing team in a tough position and put our defense in a good position. All of a sudden, we get a three-and-out and the ball gets punted back to us and we get it at the 40 or the 50. A punter like that can really be a big weapon for you.”

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