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GumboBC 08-18-2004 06:27 PM

You pick 'em !!!
Ok, guys. I'm going to give you 10 reasons for Saints fans to complain if we dominate the Packers. :D

10. If Brett Favre would have played longer, he would have ate our lunch.
9. If Mike McKenzie would have been playing, no way we complete all those passes.
8. We played our starters longer than Green Bay did.
7. It had more to do with the Packers playing bad than the Saints playing well.
6. They really didn't try to run on us that much which skewed the rushing stats.
5. They really didn't try to pass the ball on us and it skewed the passing stats.
4. The Packers rested a lot of their starters.
3. Did you not see that first drive? That's all the hell that matters!!
2. The Packers just suck this year.

And the number one reason for Saints' fans to complain........ Drum roll please !!.....................1. Because they've got to have something to ***** about !!! :P

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ScottyRo 08-18-2004 07:51 PM

You pick 'em !!!

Ok, guys. I\'m going to give you 10 reasons for Saints fans to complain if we dominate the Packers. :D
Top 10 ways Billy will spin the positive

10. If AB would have played in the 4th qtr, he\'d have thrown a td pass.
9. We caught every pass if you don\'t count the one\'s we didn\'t.
8. It\'s only the second preseason game. It doesn\'t matter how they played.
7. The Saints won. It doesn\'t matter how they looked doing it.
6. If you don\'t count the three 50+ yards runs our D did a good job against the run.
5. Couch is basically a starter so all the yards he put up don\'t count against our back ups.
4. Hawthrone and Grady Jackson played harder in the game because they have resentment towards the organzation.
3. Did you see the catch Nathan Black made? That was awesome and he\'s just going to be cut. Just think what all our better WRs are going to do.
2. The Packers were a playoff team last year and we kept it within 2 scores in the first half.

And the number way Billy will spin the positive......... Drum roll please !!.....................1. They\'re winners because I say so.
jk, Billy

CheramieIII 08-18-2004 10:14 PM

You pick 'em !!!
The only reason to talk about the game, The Saint\'s get better at all positions and win again 20 to 10.

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