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papz 11-21-2012 07:38 PM

Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis Discuss Sunday's Matchup in New Orleans
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I know you aren’t going to disclose which quarterback will play and maybe you don’t know yet, but what do you like about each of them?

“In both guys we have quarterbacks that we’re confident in, believe in, have won for us, Alex (Smith) over a long period of 25 games and Colin (Kaepernick) playing winning football the last two times he’s been out on the field. Plus the situation is that he’s (Kaepernick) has gotten to play this year. Both of them have displayed that they are guys that we believe in, are confident in and can win for us.”

Vernon Davis obviously played very well in the NFC Divisional Playoff last year and is coming off a big game. What do you like about him?

“A lot of things. He has been a tremendous team player, blocker, pass-catcher and just all of the things that encompass a football player: strong, fast, smart, good guy in the locker room, all those things and adjectives you use with a football player.”

Are there subtle things in the game that he’s gotten better or more consistent at since the Saints faced him last?

“Yes. He was playing at a very high level at that time. He’s already a really good route runner and blocker. He’s already strong and fast. There are subtle changes and improvements. As you can imagine, he was already pretty darn good too, but he’s getting better at everything.”

As a former quarterback is your defense pretty scary to you?

“Scary? Scary is the New Orleans team and the way they’re playing. That’s scary right now, watching how they’re operating offensively, defensively, (and on) special teams. They’re playing real good football. That’s a big concern and we have a lot of respect for them as a football team having competed against them and watching a lot of their success on tape, the fundamentals, technique, coaching, fine play and the talent that they have. I have a lot of respect for the ballclub.”

As a former quarterback is the performance of your defense sort of daunting when you look at it?

“Our own team? I think it’s asking questions of can we come up with a great plan this week for the Saints? (Can we) have the type of preparation we need, get ourselves motivated in this big, big game on a short week, travel well? Those are more questions that we have to concern ourselves and focus on that, those questions and making sure we get it done.”

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iWho_Dat 11-21-2012 11:46 PM

Re: Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis Discuss Sunday's Matchup in New Orleans
A great deal of respect to you as well Harbough. Your a great coach. But we will get our revenge against your ball club Sunday! Whodat!

Crusader 11-22-2012 01:25 AM

Re: Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis Discuss Sunday's Matchup in New Orleans
Vernon Davis on GW's speech before last years game.


You brought up the topic of animosity earlier and going back to the speech before the playoff game last year. In going back and rehashing Gregg Williams’ speech, do you guys have any added fuel with that considering the harsh words that were said in that speech before that game?

“That has nothing to do with us. We’re not worried about that, because every game, everybody’s out to get you. He was probably just getting them pumped up with things like that. That’s what every team does. You never know. I’m sure there’s a lot of teams saying differing things about different guys, depending on who the team is. That’s just the nature of football. It’s not a big deal. We don’t worry about it.”

It didn’t take you aback the first time you heard it?

“I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t shocked. It’s just the nature of the game and that’s what you have to expect. Coaches have to get their guys ready and that’s what they were doing. They were getting their guys ready. We don’t feel anything in our hearts against them for saying anything out of context or out of character. That’s just how they motivate their guys. We respect that.”
So what the fuss all about? Everybody involved in football knows thats how you talk in the lockerroom. You say stuff like "I'mma kill #56 today, I hate that punk" and what you might really mean is "Man that #56 is a tough guy to play, I'mma get after his ass on every play".

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