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Saintaintso 11-24-2012 04:56 PM

Why The Saints Just Might Take it all ...
This Season has been one of the most unusual rollercoaster rides Saints Fans have ever been on. In a Matter of Months the Saints Went from White Hot Superbowl Favorites in many experts eyes to 0-4 staring down the barrel of lost season gun without Sean Payton. And now the ups seem to be in order once more as the Saints have been White hot Pulling Themselves together to a 5-5 record and insanely are winning the tally in division wins 2 - 1 ( Not that it matters ).

I find a few things ironic about this Sundays game with San Francisco.

#1 - Rematch of the Game of the Year : The Saints lost a consecutive playoff heartbreaker to the Defensive Juggernaught 49'ers in the closing moments of the game.

#2 - Technically for the Saints , this is a playoff rematch game. 5-5 and trailing some very catchable teams for a wildcard bid a loss especially in the NFC puts them by the numbers out of the playoffs barring all hell freezing over.

#3 - This game last year was the last we would see of a Complete Saints Team. This Game last year was the Last time we saw , Payton , Williams , Dunbar , Porter , Meachem , ect ... Things fell apart for the Saints after this Game. This game is engraved in the memory of Saints fans and players , In hindsight one can say this is the game that broke us , and ironically this can be the game that fixes what was broken ... Rarely do you get the chance to redeem yourselves against the foe that started your troubles back at home. Ironic right ?

Now onto the Meat and Potatoes of the Reasons why The Saints Just Might take it all ... The last 3 of 5 Superbowl Winners hail from a wildcard spot. Pittsburgh , GreenBay , NewYork ( Twice ). Truth is get hot and you have a great chance ...

Secondly I found an Amazing point
Preseason Included The Saints so far Have Played against ...

Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Peyton Manning
Matt Shaub
Philip Rivers
Michael Vick
Matt Ryan ( 2 )
Cam Newton ( 2 )

... They have seen IMO the best of the Best at QB and with confidence can say they aren't going to play anyone this year ( Playoffs Included ) harder than Peyton Manning or Aaaron Rodgers at their home turf.
So quite fittingly , I have no reason to fear any other QB we play. This year we have seen the cream of the crop and are still alive. ( Barely )

Another Impressive yet Ironic trait of Wild Card Superbowl winning teams , Somehow out of the Blue they found a dominant running game. Ivory Thomas Ingram and Sproles the knockout punch hasn't yet been thrown. Whatever Vitt is thinking is translating into wins.

Drew Brees : Last but certainly not least , This man is a Surgeon at what he does. No matter who we play for the remainder of the Season , We know we will have the edge at QB and should our defense hold moderately as they have the last few weeks it's going to be insanely difficult to beat the Saints.

AlaskaSaints 11-24-2012 05:49 PM

Re: Why The Saints Just Might Take it all ...
Inspiration and positive thinking, that's for sure!

Thanks for the PUMP!


Stealthman 11-24-2012 07:10 PM

Re: Why The Saints Just Might Take it all ...
I like your enthusiasm, bro!


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