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rAge 08-18-2004 11:15 PM

Who will be the final 53?
So who do you guys predict will be cut off the final roster?

QB's - Brooks, O'Sullivan, Bouman - none of them are being cut (3 players)
RB's - Deuce, Stecker, Lamar, Ki-Jana, Banks, Jenkins - the last three should be cut (6 players)
FB's - Karney, Schurman, Curran - last two get cut (7 players)
WR's - Horn, Stallworth, Pathon, Henderson, Lewis, Crowell, Gardner, 4 others - can't imagine we keep 7 WR's, so I'm guessing Crowell gets the ax, along with the 4 I didn't list (13 players)
TE's - Boo, Conwell, Hilton, Lamont Hall, Acker, Harris - last 3 are gone (16 players)
C's - Bentley, Fontenot, Wagner - wagner goes (18 players)
OG's - Jacox, Holland, Nesbit, Setterstrom, Hoffmann, McKelvy, Draper - last 4 get cut (21 players)
OT's - Gandy, Riley, Stinchcomb, Folau, Archibald - archibald gets cut (25 players)
DT's - Sullivan, Young, Leisle, Green, Allen - this is one where I am stuck. I'm sure one of the last two will get cut, but who? (29 players)
DE's - Howard, Grant, Will Smith, Whitehead, Melvin, Bryant - another that I am stuck on, I would think Bryant gets cut if he doesn't do something in preseason, but he can keep a roster spot until whitehead comes back...will we keep 5 DE's anyway? (34 players)
LB's - Watson, Cie, Ruff, Smith, Allen, Hodge, Rodgers, Knight, McDonald - at least 2 of these guys are going, McDonald is obvious but who will be the other? Ruff? or will they cut Knight? (41 players)
CB's - Thomas, Ross, Craft, Ambrose, Fakhir, Craver, Montgomery - guessing the last two get cut (46 players)
S's - Tebucky, Mitchell, Bellamy, Harper, Gleason, Hafford - hafford is gone, but who will we hold onto harper or go with gleason? (50 players)
K - Carney, Hart - hart gets cut (51 players)
P - Berger, Mariscal...obviously Berger stays (52 players)
LS - Houser (53 players)

after doing this, I guess it won't be that hard. But it does mean that we will probably see either Green or Allen go, along with Craver, one of the backup Safties, Bryant or Melvin, Ruff & Knight and Crowell. Just didn't expect so many would be leaving. Not that any are huge players, but we are cutting guys that can play in the NFL.

rAge 08-18-2004 11:20 PM

Who will be the final 53?
I forgot about our 7th round pick, who had 6-7 tackles in the preseason game. Anyone think he will take Knight\'s roster spot?

Euphoria 08-19-2004 09:44 AM

Who will be the final 53?
Nathan Black WR will make this team. Crowell was already cut.
5 Sorahan, Ryan QB will be cut but maybe get him on the practice squad if no one picks him up.

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