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Are the Saints...Soft?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm just FRUSTRATED. Extremely frustrated. This sux. Really bad. In our house. Really? Alaska...

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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

I'm just FRUSTRATED. Extremely frustrated.

This sux. Really bad.

In our house.


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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

There are certain teams that I really hate to lose and the 49ers top the list...

But getting b*tched slapped two years in a row in the nationally featured game of the week...this is stirring up ghosts...

These are the losses when I want to try hard not to have knee-jerk reactions, but some heads must roll/changes made...

And the personnel people who have given us crap in the first round the past ten-twelve years should be brought to bear on the accountability question...

We really looked like we were counter-punching with Ivory, banging away at that vaunted defense and we stopped...

That's on the OC...

But the overall 'softness' of this team, if there is such a thing, is on the makeup, the personnel, chemistry of this team...

“Your best?!? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home (with) the prom queen.” - Sean Connery in The Rock

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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

I never figure out how we lose to the 49ers but the Giants can seem to whoop on them, where as we can seem to completely **** up the Giants every meeting.

I dont see the equation in that.
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Originally Posted by Danno View Post
Our CB's LB's, WR's and OT's look soft to me.

Cam Jordan looked great today. He looks like our best DL.

We could use a few more tough players. Finesse does come to mind when I watch us play.
Disagree about the WR's being soft - they got up and came back in the game; compared to the rest of the league, I like our guys over the wuss-divas the other kids have...
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Even though our defense put us in a a postin to win yesterday they don't exactly strike fear into people.
The defense needs to get hardcore IMO
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Could it be that this is the 'Goodell Effect' and the players, instead of pushing to the edge, are laying back and not punishing the opposing offenses?
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Originally Posted by Jamessr View Post
Even though our defense put us in a a postin to win yesterday they don't exactly strike fear into people.
The defense needs to get hardcore IMO
I could not agree more. A few more players to get though!! Spags, might be just the man to give us this but next season. Our D looked good with the line-up we had, Spags still don't have what he needs yet,but when he does we may put fear on other teams, Bunkely and Lofton were excellent pick ups build around them. Hicks has great upside. Draft could= fear on D.
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Saying the Saints looked "soft" against the 49ers is kinda like saying they looked "slow" against Hussein Bolt or that the levees looked "thin" against Katrina.... The 49ers are the most physical and violent team in the league right now, perhaps even among the top "most physical defenses" of all time; they're like a throwback to 30-40 years ago.... Last year they injured six running backs in a row in their first six games, they took out Pierre Thomas in ours and I believe they knocked out two starting QB's for other teams during the season last year, as well.

Having said that, there is a reason for "bring the wood" and the bats and the slogans....the Saints DO tend to get "punched in the mouth" by that kind of physical play -- the Browns game was a good example of them being knocked on their ass -- and it doesn't help that our quarterback is 4'10" and he tends to get skittish and inaccurate when he has big ugly guys picking him up and slamming his body into the turf on top of his surgically reconstructed shoulder all the time. Or that our dreadlocked running back fumbles and gets injured half the time he's in the game, or Colston gets laid out on the clothesline to get his head banged like a gong two or three times a game, Graham with his back spasms, the year they had 5 or 6 Saints running backs on injured reserve, etc etc.

The Dome Patrol was 25 years ago folks. I'm sorry, but I would take the current total team model that we have now (Super Bowl, 2x NFC Championship Game appearances, 5-3 in playoffs overall) over ANY 7-9. 9-7 record Dome Patrol era team. If you want the Saints to have a big physically dominating defense, then you are probably going to be waiting a long time -- until Brees, Payton, Benson, Evans, Graham, Colston etc are gone...2020 maybe?

You want your team to look like the 49ers or Texans defense? Then remember that those teams sucked along at 4-12, 8-8. 7-9 type seasons, for many many MANY years to stockpile those high draft picks and build that talent they have on D now. They didn't build that awesome defense by being the most winningest team in the NFC with the most regular season wins over the last 7 years. They just didn't....You want to be the Ravens or Niners defense, then meet Joe Flacco or Alex Smith, your new QB.
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

49ers Defense makes more than 75% of the leagues Defense look soft.
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Re: Are the Saints...Soft?

Another factor is the Saints will still feel the niners defense hits this Thursday.
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