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GumboBC 08-22-2004 09:29 PM

Need your "vote." Biggest Problem?

Can I change my answer?

Not scoring more points than the opponents 8 games last year.
Scotty, I agree with you completely on that. Some of that WAS Brooks\' fault. The fumbling damn sure didn\'t help. The receivers dropping CRITICAL passes didn\'t help either. Neither did McCarthys play calling. Neiter did CRITICAL penalties.

The problems were wide spread on offense. All of it contributed to keeping us out of the endzone.

With that said, the defense was still the biggest problem, IMO.

Boogro 08-22-2004 11:40 PM

Need your "vote." Biggest Problem?


Since mine was a singular vote, I feel the need to explain further (although I thought it was self-explanatory).

As compared to the LBs, if Aaron improves his play and playsat least 80% of his potential I think we win most games regardless of whether the LBs get better. I don\'t think the converse, that if the LBs improve and Aaron doesn\'t, we win, is true.
It may seem like a dumb question, but improve how?

Let\'s run a thought experiment. Swap Brooks and Trent Green of KC with last year\'s numbers which are somewhat similar. How would that swap impact the overall record of each team? Would KC still be 13-3 or near it? Would the Saints have won 3-4 more games? Why or why not?

Football more than anything else is a team game. It takes 53 guys on all sides of the ball for a team to be successful. Brooks doesn\'t call plays. Brooks doesn\'t block most of the time. Brooks doesn\'t catch (and more importantly doesn\'t drop) the ball. I haven\'t seen yesterday\'s game (And won\'t until 12PM on Tuesday on NFL Network) but from the news
reports Brooks had 6 imcompletions and 4 of those were drops by the receivers. So how is he supposed to \"improve\" when guys are not catching the ball?

I\'m more frustrated with his injury than with anything else.

If you swap Brooks and Green that means Brooks\' running back \"Holmes\" scores 19 more touchdowns that Duece. I bet you can win 3-4 more games easily with that. Also, throw in Dante Hall vs. Michael Lewis and compare them last year. With that kind of help 3-4 wins would have easier to come by. Also, throw in the Chargers and Raiders on the schedule for 2 games a piece. I just don\'t think that is a fair comparison.

You are right about the dropped balls, its not Aaron\'s fault. We need Denzell Washington coaching this group of receivers. Drop a pass, and run a mile. As far as the experiment, I really didn\'t know where you were going with it, I just threw in my own thoughts on it.

GumboBC 08-22-2004 11:52 PM

Need your "vote." Biggest Problem?

I\'m laughing at this one Scotty. The moment you say anything critcal of Brooks, Billy flys in talking abut Jake D. Classic Billy.

Go get him Mr. Logic!!! \" Knee Jerk Brook Defense\" I lov it.
Well, so far, I\'m the only one providing any real evidence to how consistent Brooks was in the PASSSING game. Instead of just saying \"that\'s the way I feel.\"

Brooks didn\'t get that 88.8 QB passer rating and get voted as a probowl alternate because he sucked. I can tell you that.

Anybody can post whatever they want. And anyone can believe whatever they want to.

If anyone thinks Brooks is the BIGGEST problem with this team then they are very misguided... ;) Which is what ScottyRo said. Do you agree with that statement gator? Cut to the SHET. :P Answer the damn question...j/k... :P

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