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papz 11-26-2012 04:17 PM

New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
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“One of the things we felt pretty good about going into the game was the pressure package that we had all year long defensively. We had an early injury at offensive tackle, which is tough, so we struggled a little bit protecting Drew Brees. We won the turnover battle if you put the blocked field goal in there. It comes back to I just didn’t get the job done.”

(on Brodrick Bunkley’s ejection) “One of the keys to this game was keeping your poise. We block a field goal, and have a chance to give our team some field position. He’s got to keep his emotions under control and do the right thing. He practices hard and wants to win. We have great confidence in the player, but he has to keep his poise.”

(on Drew Brees’ performance) “I think they’re a good defense. They’ve got a good front seven. They’re physical. We’ve got some injuries on the offensive line that we had to take care of today. Let me tell you something – if I ever go into a game and Drew Brees is my quarterback, I feel good about it. I feel good about Drew Brees. I love him. We will, and he’ll be better next week.

(on run defense) “We said going into the game that their running game was very prolific. They’re on course right now to have more big plays of 10 yards or more than anybody in the history of the league. The yards we gave up in the running game in the first half was a tribute to their quarterback making plays, breaking containment. We did a better job today. We did a good job of fitting up the run. We certainly improved and that was good to see.”

(on if the interception before halftime change the game?) “Absolutely not. It’s one play at a time, one series at a time, one quarter at a time, one half at a time. If we let one play affect us the rest of the game, we’re unprofessional. We’ve overcome things like that before, and it’s the nature of our game. It’s not a perfect game played by perfect people. We had our opportunities, offensively, defensively and special teams-wise. I’ve got to coach better, and we’ve got to play better.

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