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Brees letting the team down

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by dizzle88 Past two weeks have been completely on him 7 interceptions in two weeks when he'd only threw 9 all year 100 million dollars and a holdout, what a fantastic choice our team made Take the good ...

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Re: Brees letting the team down

Originally Posted by dizzle88 View Post
Past two weeks have been completely on him

7 interceptions in two weeks when he'd only threw 9 all year

100 million dollars and a holdout, what a fantastic choice our team made
Take the good with the bad, this is the choice our team has made. He sucked it up. But it was a great choice.
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Re: Brees letting the team down

Whether Drew should get a pass, because of the huge part he's been in the Saints success over the last 6 years and what a great representative he's been for this team and this franchise, is up to each individual fan. He may be your favorite player ever and the reason you watch football.
But there's no denying that 7 interceptions in 2 games is unacceptable for any quarterback at just about any level.
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Re: Brees letting the team down

I think this is Brees subliminal way of saying to Sean Payton "If you left for Dallas and Tony Romo was your QB, this is what it would look like!"
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Re: Brees letting the team down

'Yes' ... and 'No'. There's no denying 7 picks in two games, no matter how you spin it. Against the 49'ers, I viewed it more as just a chink in the Brees-armor, but one play in particular last night punched me in the face ... the dump pass over the middle to Sproles with no timeouts & 12 seconds left in the half.

It's one of those moments when you realize your heroes are just mortal ... like Superman and kryptonite, Darth Vader being Luke's father (not really, it's just one of those moments), like Peter Parker not using his superpowers to stop the thief that eventually killed his Uncle Ben ... they're all human and they all disappoint/letdown at some point.

The armor cracked ... at that moment, the moment Brees was seemingly not aware of the timeclock, was the moment the weight of the offseason, of Payton not being on the sidelines, of the 0-4 start, the contract negotiations, the pressure of trying to put the team on his shoulders ... it all came crashing down like a rogue wave and swept him out to sea (IMO) ... even if just for a moment. I felt for the guy, I truly did. That's the problem with people putting someone on a pedestal, they always let you down, eventually.

So yeah, I do feel a bit letdown ... not 'throw-under-the-bus' letdown, but more of a 'Drew Brees is human after all' letdown. I got no problem with his contract either, it ain't like he didn't do anything prior to negotiating it to deserve it. Benson didn't have to agree to it.

It is what it is. You bring a girl to the dance, you dance with her, even if she loses step now & then.
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Re: Brees letting the team down

I do not think that I have seen Drew like this. Not the play but the mental part. He looked defeated and dejected from the start. Something wasn't right. He wasn't in it. I mean I know he wanted to win, but something was on his mind. I hope it is nothing to do with the Sean Payton situation that we don't know about yet. That was the first thing I thought about.
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Re: Brees letting the team down

Drew is still the best decision the Saints have made (since 1967). Turns out he's not Superman after all. He had a bad game last night without question, but all QB's do. He came off a 5 sack game four days ago and was under alot of pressure most of the time last night. He will bounce back, he always does. He gives this team the best chance to win the MAJORITY of the time. Clearly these are the times when he needs Sean Payton the most. Who does the person the whole team relies on go to when he needs support this year?
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"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia
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Re: Brees letting the team down

The "holdout" was brought on by the Saints front office putting the franchise tag on him. He had to wait till it went to trial to see what the court ruled on it. If it were you or any of us we would have done the same thing. It wasn't a "HOLDOUT". As for the rest I don't know if it is fair to lay it all at his feet. The offense looked out of sync like the first 4 games of the season.

I've said it before I live in Indy and the Saints look just like the Colts did last year. Asleep at the wheel and wanting it all to be over.

But really, bouncing a pass of the DL linemans head for an int!!?? Hey Dallas! our 9 looks like your 9!!!! The one at the end that the safety picked was a great play and great coaching. He knew where the ball was going when it left the hand! Either that or he is the worlds fastest human now!
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Re: Brees letting the team down

Great day to vent guys we have a game sunday. I'm still hesitant to say its over. The stars could still line up in our favor. And get in thru the back door. U went to bed last nite pissed as hell. U have nothing to be ashamed of. Ur a good fan. U went out side after the game and beat the trash can and yelled something ur a great saints fan u went to bed got up three times in the night went outside and beat the **** out of the trash can i should get somekind of losturmind saints fan award. Thats how bad this lost was for st thomas. I went outside this morning to get the paper and had 3dogs staring me down. Really st thomas. I'm ready for sunday
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Re: Brees letting the team down

The worst part of that loss is having to deal with the Atlanta fans today. This win is like there Superbowl (at least as close as they will get). I just say, yeh 3-11 in the last 14 against us, you guys are awesome.
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Re: Brees letting the team down

I think people had a false sence of security hoping Drew Brees could "coach" this team...
Bottom line he is a player and a very good one but he still needs coaching from time to time. I do fault him for certain things , like throwing off his back foot into zone coverage but its not all his fault. One guy thats pissing me off is Pete Carmicheal.
You have one of the best QB's to have ever played and you throwing him out to dry with your play calls. Pete carmicheal is nothing more than a clip baord holder for Sean payton.
We get out coach back next year we get old drew back too.
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Originally Posted by nutria:
"What can we get on defense in a trade for Drew Brees?"
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