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TheOak 11-30-2012 09:55 AM

The Vent (Please do it all here)

Instead of having 30 angry threads populating the entire first page of these forums, perhaps one good venting thread would be better for everyone?


We are all hurt, frustrated, mad, pissed, let down, etc... Halo and papz bust their azzes to give us a nice place to come to. Lets try and vent, scream, yell, curse... what ever it takes to get you through the day, with out making these boards look dreadful for those who come here for news and information about our team. These wonderful forums are global via the WWW, on facebook, etc and come up in search engines.

What do ya say? Bring all of the hate into one place?


st thomas 11-30-2012 10:03 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
Erruffff ruf bite me. Lol ventin

TheOak 11-30-2012 11:00 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
So here we are this season...

100mm QB who has become Sybil mid season.
Down to Shanley possibly as a tackle.
Head coach that lives it up in the Bahamas.
Receivers that forgot how to catch or go after the ball.
An AHC and OC running a Groundhog day playbook hoping someone notices we dont try the same play on them over and over.
A defense whos tackling is something that resembles a mosh pit interaction.
We are 5-7
Our only hopes of a play off spot are if 1/4 of the NFL does belly flops for the rest of the season. Hopefully there are 8 more tie games which equates to both teams losing.
Our reinstated GM is so busy with basketball that he cant get off his arse and resign the HC that is on TMZ regularly.
The League is out to dismantle the entire team.
The news brings up drama every week to distract us.
Fans are at each others throat because we cant actually take it out on the people that have made this season one of the most miserable in history.
The fowelcants finally have a sense of accomplishment
We STILL could have possible suspensions coming this season

Who-Dat martha fkers! Bring it!!!

dizzle88 11-30-2012 11:08 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
Brees has always shown he should be mentioned with the greats

But 5 picks and that's with 2 picks nullified by the refs, so could have been 7 picks in a game is embarrassing

How can a player of his caliber go so hot and cold every season for about 2-4 games, it just looks like he's forgot what to do

Most days he on point, but against the falcons D he has the worst game of his career.......really?

When he throws a pick, he normally comes out alot more pissed off and carves up the D, nowadays when he throws one pick, they come in bunches

Seeing him forcing passes p*** me off to no end

NonieT 11-30-2012 11:12 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
I could't care less about Drew's touchdown streak. What I am so angry about is that the coaches abandoned the run again especially when it was working. I don't care if we would have scored every touchdown via of the run. I am not saying this loss isn't on Drew but, if he did not have to throw so much there probably would not have been 5 turnovers.

Brandon428 11-30-2012 11:14 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
I blame Goodell in the end but I could point a finger at a lot of people.

Strief needs to be cut,Pete Carmichael called and has been calling the most predictable plays. I was begging them to run some draw plays and as soon as they did they started marching down filed,but then Pete got draw happy and screwed it up.

They give up on the run way to easy, which is why Brees threw 5 (really 6!) interceptions. Now I'm not saying it wasn't Brees fault because ultimately he pulled the trigger and made some pathetic decisions, but you can't expect receivers to be open when you run 10% and pass 90%.

You have to come out and run consecutive run plays and even if you're getting stuffed you keep running! The best weapon on a team is unpredictability and lately (especially the 49ers game ) they have been ridiculously predictable.

Thanks for letting me vent.

niteadept 11-30-2012 11:20 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
Asking a QB to throw 50 plus passess all the time is asking for five interceptions plus. Not fair to Drew and one day the coaching staff may actually realize, we have a team that can run the ball. Frustrated, Angry and having a Pissed Off day in general. I expect more from my boys, but it is also time for a few changes to be made. Defense does show some improvement, I just wish they would tackle them instead of the bump and run I've seen way too much of this season.

onebyone 11-30-2012 11:40 AM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
Letting the clock run out at the half.

That's bush league stuff right there. I seriously cannot believe that happened. Makes my head hurt thinking about it. Inexcusable.

TheOak 11-30-2012 12:19 PM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)

Originally Posted by onebyone (Post 461649)
Letting the clock run out at the half.

That's bush league stuff right there. I seriously cannot believe that happened. Makes my head hurt thinking about it. Inexcusable.

Brings Jason Garrett to mind. I'm surprised we didn't ice Hartley.

AlaskaSaints 11-30-2012 12:32 PM

Re: The Vent (Please do it all here)
I'd rather take a short sack or snap-spike than take a TIME OUT that we will certainly need later. That fumes me.

Either through ineptitude or confusion or stupidity we allows their kicker time to get out his slide rule and compass before attempting that 55-yard kick. I'm convinced he would have missed it on adrenalin if he had been forced to come out and kick it quickly.

Drew running out the clock inside the five should cost him a MILLION DOLLARS in charitable contributions. (Gleason Family Trust?) That was a game-killer, even if it came at the half. OMEN of things to come.

Harper and Jenkins diving at the feet of Turner and that fat f u k jumping over these two made me SCREAM. Over and over again it happened.

Jimmy Graham needs to grow some balls. He is SO SCARED to be hit it should be embarrassing even to his Grandmother. He flinches into the fetal position before every collision once the guy is inside his stiff-arm range. It's pathetic.

If we can't find a punt/kick returner who can make it past the 21, let's just not put anyone back there and rush the punter. It would be more productive. Our returns are anemic and open us up to injury and fumbles.

On the ONE NIGHT this year that Hartley gets to shine... WE LOSE? Really?

I was calling for Chase Daniel at the 4th quarter. He can at least run draws, which were working for us until they absolutely became the next play. What a joke. Pete Carmichael is in a tailspin.

Honestly and I mean honestly, i think we need to start Chase for the remainder of this season and develop him. We now have nothing to lose and everything to gain with respect to the draft. Additionally, it would make the league and remaining games less competitive, meaning less profitable for the NFL. F the NFL for this punishment without cause.

DUMP Shanle and Strief. Let's move on. The Defense has been playing lights out without Shanle and Strief must have gained 100 pounds in the two weeks he has been away. He looked like SHAT.

Without this board to come to to release my stress I'd be deceased.

Contribute to the board if you've been here or plan to stay here. It will only get mo' betta if we support it by putting our money where our mouths are.


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