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Last 3 Games

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by SaintsBro Does anyone who has actual season tickets and goes to the actual games, do any of them want to bench Brees if he's healthy. .... I've got Season Tix. um? I dont know... right now, I ...

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Re: Last 3 Games

Originally Posted by SaintsBro View Post
Does anyone who has actual season tickets and goes to the actual games, do any of them want to bench Brees if he's healthy. ....
I've got Season Tix.

um? I dont know... right now, I dont give a flying sh** either way. Im driving from Texas to N.O. this weekend to watch a meaningless game between 2 sad teams, and paying 30 f*****g dollars to park. Roger Goodell owes me about 2,000.00, for stealing my 2012 season.

You think Drew Brees could buy up some parking garages & give us regular people a break? Even if he just charged 10 bucks, he'd make a profit, and he'd blow away Central Parking, and their evil little empire. Maybe open up his own chain of fast food/stadium food? Again, he could make a profit, which is perfectly fine with me, and at the same time, help us Joe Fan's out, by perhaps not selling overpriced crap.

He could even make a deal with Budweiser, and sell his beer for 6 dollars, undercutting the competition, and again, he profits and helps out us fans. Or, how about invest in his own cab service, and again, he could undercut them by charging just $5 per mile/minute, or whatever, so you'd only have to pay about 40.00 to go somewhere. Regular fans like me and my wife, might not have to walk from 6 miles from the game to somewhere to eat, maybe?

Or he could buy out that Rent-A-Liberal bike service, where they pedal you around.

How bout this? Stay at a nice, comfortable Brees Inn. He could afford to pay for competent desk people, and to charge a rate normal people could afford, but at the same time could hire some real security, so there'd be no drugs, rap, or cat-selling, ("NOPD will be called - the facts") (for you locals and frequent visitors)

I hope Roger Goodell has to pay for his own parking and superoverpriced hotel, during the SB. Then I hope they bungle his reservation & leave him in classic New Orleans Hotel Hell mode (we've all been there) for a whole night, where he drives all over, cant find a room, and he has to go stay in Boutte. (not that there's anything wrong with Boutte, I just want him inconvienienced.)

Wouldnt it be great if Roger Goodell forgot his ID badge & credit cards, and had to go thru the same security line we do, and then had to pay regular price for beer? Then he could scrap up some money, buy a seat
in the upper Terrace that was designed for teenage Asian girls, the seats are about 9 inches wide, and then sit next to the 290 lb Tackle Eligible who I sit next to. (Luckily, my corn-fed neighbor is super cool dude from MS, and we invent ways to be comfortable, since Im no supermodel myself. )

Then, after the game, I'd like to see Roger Goodell have to fight his way thru the CBD onto the High Rise and drive bumper to bumper 2 1/2 hours to B.R. Maybe he'd have to go to the bathroom over past the 310 exit, and he could hold it past the Bonnet Carre, all the way to LaPlace.

Hey, wouldnt it be great if Roger Goodell had to pee in the regular bathroom in the Terrace, and bust his azz on the eternally wet super-slippery floor. Maybe he'll be confused & pee in the Knee-High-Swear-It-Looks-Like-We-Should-Be-Peeing-In-It handsink. Too bad they finally
started enforcing smoke-free.

You know? If we were still IN IT... even just a little above mathematically, I wouldnt mind all this stuff. In fact, I'd be excited about going.

Its a dark, gloomy day here.
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Re: Last 3 Games

Given our salary cap situation, I hold firm to the 52 man review.
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Re: Last 3 Games

andrew luck has thrown the same amount of int's that brees has, so the 12 year veteran is forcing the ball too much, only difference is - colts have won 9 games
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Re: Last 3 Games

Reality Brees isn't sitting down someone here said it right, the fans are coming to see him play and the Saints have to remain competitive. I do believe other players should be looked at in the remaining games.
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Re: Last 3 Games

Originally Posted by skymike View Post

Roger Goodell owes me about 2,000.00, for stealing my 2012 season.
Man, I agree with you here 300%!!!!
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Re: Last 3 Games

oops wrong thread, ignore comment!

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Re: Last 3 Games

The Saints getting their ass handed to them like the Giants did is a new pill to swallow. Pride may have had a lot to do with them trying to make the score more presentable. I don't think they make the same mistake if that happens again.
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Re: Last 3 Games

Cut Brees, Release Payton, Fire Loomis... I loved 1980.
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Re: Last 3 Games

Brees and everyone else get paid to play the game. I would only bench him if he's getting mauled out there and they can't protect him. Otherwise, he's got to work it out, same as any other player. Huge contract or not.
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Re: Last 3 Games

All the starters need to be playing, not only for the season tix holders, but because we need to remain competitive (and spoil the Cowboys season)

But it would be foolish to leave them in the whole game and not take a look at some of the younger players, especially because they can get game reps against starting-caliber NFL players that are really trying to make a playoff spot. That will be a great crucible for us to see how they respond to game speed and real full-contact

and if we lose a couple of these next three and get bumped up a bit on draft day, well, there are worse problems to have than an ugly record. I'm not at all saying we should lose on purpose, not ever, but we should be using our remaining game minutes wisely for ALL players, not just the starters IMO
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