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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The Postives: - The run defense looked terrific. The Packers couldn't generate any kind of rushing attack. Ahman Green had one good run of 24-yards, but other than that, the Packers could not run the ball against our defense. - ...

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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

The Postives:

- The run defense looked terrific. The Packers couldn't generate any kind of rushing attack. Ahman Green had one good run of 24-yards, but other than that, the Packers could not run the ball against our defense.

- Will Smith is going to be a special player. The guy is an incredible athlete and IMO is beter right now than either Grant or Howard.

- Courtney Watson showed me something tonight. He only made one tackle but he was where he was suppose to be and did an excellent job of dropping back in coverage.

- James Allen laid a couple of good hits tonight. Did a good job or pursuing the ball carrier on the outside. I thought he did a nice job overall.

- Devery Henderson is going to make some big plays for us this year. Write it down.

- Brooks did a good job considering he had guys in his face and the receivers kept dropping the ball.

The Negatives:

- The receivers dropped too many balls.

- Ashley Ambrose looked bad. I'm actually glad he played as poorly as he did though. Maybe Haslett will finally see he doesn't need to be starting. Or even on the field at all.

- The offensive line looked just awful. But we were missing 3 starters. I'm not concerned about our O-line at ALL !!

- Le Charles did a very poor job of snapping the ball in the shotgun. He needs to correct this.

- The secondary played poorly. Mainly Ambrose. Craft did OK. So did the rest of the DB's. One thing to keep in mind is we did NOT blitz and only rushed 4. This gave the Packers QB's a lot of time to throw the ball.

Bottom Line: Offense played very poor. This was a very misleading game for the offense. Brooks went out early and there were 3 starters missing on the O-line. Our offense will be good this year.

I feel better about our ability to stop the run. I'm not sold they can do it though. They did look good. It was encourging and it's the best I've seen them look since 2000.

I don't know how much I learned from this game. Hard to say.

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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

I don\'t think we got to see our #1 O against their #1 D. Too many players out to be a fair assessment. However, the dropped passes bother me. If it\'s starting already, there\'s no reason to think it wont continue into the season.

Brooks didn\'t look sharp, but was overly pressured while he was in. Deuce was strong.

Run D did well and looked better. Let\'s hope it continues.
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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

I agree with almost everything here, excepting the OL. We had problems protecting the QB last week as well, think I even noted it in another post. Thus far, this looks like a recurring theme to me - but it is possible they will turn it up a notch by season start. For the record, the guys who played OL for us last night could be our starters. I don\'t know why but it seems a lot more guys are hurt this year than last year at this same time. No idea the explanation for that.

One thing that bothers me, sort of like a nagging injury. GB brought the house on most of thier blitzes tonight, while we hardly blitzed at all. They did it from the first play of the game and continously throughout the game - and yet they didn\'t do it against Seattle.

I know why we didn\'t do it - because a smart QB like Farve will check down in a hearbeat, hit you were you are not and burn your D to the ground. I fear they did it because they don\'t respect the quick-thinking of our QB\'s nor our ability to read D\'s. I\'ll add in here that they don\'t respect the game-skills of our receivers (who drop balls and don\'t seem to be able to read a blitz and go to a check-down route.) I suspect GB didn\'t do this against the Seahawks because Hasselback would tear them up on the check-down routes.

Of course, I don\'t know this for fact - I said it is a fear. What seems to be coming more and more clear to me is that our team is painfully under-coached. It appears to me that we have problems with the fundamentals across the board - on blocking, tackling, catching, throwing, ball-protection - not saying that all of these things were displayed in last night game; just my collected opinion over time. They can cancel all the spades games, domino matches, television, and make the players wear extra-tight jockstraps... and it doesn\'t appear to be addressing the problems. I call that bad coaching.

I have a feeling I may be posting that bad-coaching line a lot this year.

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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

The O-line last week was a little different from the starters last year, so they need time together in game situations and the O-Line last night was our 2nd team at best. Brooks did do well considering the drops and pass rush.

I was very impressed by the run defense, thats what all of us were looking for the most.
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Here's my take. For what it's worth.

Brooks didn\'t look sharp, but was overly pressured while he was in. Deuce was strong.

If it wasn\'t for his WR & TE dropping passes Brooks would have been 11/13. I consider that was a good showing considering this was his 1st preseason game.


Brooks, seeing his first action of the preseason, played four series before re-aggravating his strained right thigh in the second quarter. He completed seven of 13 passes for 44 yards, but four of the incompletions were dropped passes: two by Joe Horn, one by Boo Williams and one by Donté Stallworth
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