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frankeefrank 08-22-2004 12:22 AM

Bouman had Pathon...
And then under threw the ball to Sharper....
I only saw hilites but I was listening on the radio... Sounded lilke a bad throw.
Anyone want to chime in on the chance to get a score being turned around completely?

The radio guys sure feel Bouman has no touch... I am going against the grain when I say this, but I think he needs to play more.
Unlike JT, Bouman's gotten no time the past few years...
He needs live reps

GumboBC 08-22-2004 12:28 AM

Bouman had Pathon...
Bouman missed some throws badly. He looked pretty bad. But, he was under constant pressure. He still made very bad decisions.

J.T. O\'Sullivan didn\'t look much better. He played poorly himself.

If Brooks gets hut, we are screwed...

JKool 08-22-2004 12:52 AM

Bouman had Pathon...
On that play, Bouman gunned it and Sharper was still underneath. If he had lofted it, it would have gone over Sharper, but the FS was already rotating over - it is hard to say if that would have been completed. It looked to me like he saw Pathon hit the seam and he just fired - he didn\'t have a feel for the coverage when he let it go.

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