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spkb25 08-23-2004 01:33 AM

just got back from chicago
im watching the game now. i watched it so far up to brooks getting hurt. first thing is our two starting tackles didnt play. our offense looked terrible in some sense. bouman is terrible. brooks looked good as did deuce. had some dropped balls. that needs to stop. big probblem last year. the biggest plus was how our d played. very well. not nearly as bad as last year. had some big plays and ambrose is done but we did really really well against the run minus one play. o line looked terrible. watson looked a lot better. james allen had some nice plays also. for a second preseason game it isnt what i would have liked to see. but after coming back i went on the internet before seeing the game to see how we did. i expected a lot worse then what i saw. i thought we had looked god aweful terrible. we did alright. not great. but im thinking this d is better then last yeart. especially when it comes to letting up points. not to disappointed with what i saw

GumboBC 08-23-2004 07:11 AM

just got back from chicago
That\'s what I saw too. The run defense looked encouraging and that was the number ONE thing I was looking for. The other problem areas are less of a concern to me.

Hopefully they can get these things corrected before Seattle.

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