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JKool 08-23-2004 09:09 AM

ESPN 2K5 Weekly Prep: Saints.
Ok, I know lots of you are Madden fans, but I'm looking for a bit of help from those who play ESPN 2k5. I have developed a weekly prep that from week to week will raise most players from 2-3 points. I will post it here. I am wondering, however, if some motivated soul can help me figure out how to get the Safeties up and the DL up without losing points of Strength, Stamina, and a few others. This prep is so far better than any I've found posted around the web.

Here is the prep:
Coaching Film - vary by week
Conference - vary by week
Team Meeting - vary by week
Film (all 1 tape, unless otherwise noted)
C - Blitz Pkg
G - Fronts
T - Fronts
DT- Pass rush
DE- Pass rush
HB- Blitz Pkg
QB- Coverages (2 tapes)
QB- Run/Pass
WR- Coverages (3 tapes)
CB- Routes (2 tapes)
OLB- Run/Pass
ILB- Run/Pass
FS- Routes
SS- Run/Pass
FB- Fronts
TE- Fronts
Weights (1 rep unless otherwise noted)
OLB - Calves
CB - Calves (2 reps)
SS - Calves
FS - Calves
WR- Calves
HB- Swim laps

Full Drill - 1st Team No Pads
Full Drill - 2nd TEam No Pads
Position Drills (1 rep unless otherwise noted)
HB - Tires (2 reps)
QB- Routes
QB- Mechanics
WR- Pattern depth
WR- Release
ILB - Tackling (2 reps)
FB - Run Blk (2 reps)
TE - Gauntlet
TE - Run Blk

7-7 Two a day No pads
Position Drills (1 rep unless noted)
C - Enemies at the Gate (2 reps)
G - Big Sled (2 reps)
T - Big Sled (2 reps)
DT- Pursuit drills
DT- Get off the ball
DE- Pursuit drills
DE- Get off the ball
CB- Pattern Rec
OLB- Tackle
ILB - Tackle
Six hours remain. I rotate the following pos. drills, all of which have impact
FB - Tires
TE - Tires
WR- Pattern depth (big bonus to WRs)
HB - Pass Rec (sometimes big bonus to Duece)
K - Soccer
CB - Ball Reac (big bonus to CBs)

Full Drill 1st Team Partial Pads
7-7 One a day Partial Pads
Position Drills (1 rep unless otherwise noted)
DT - Get off the ball
DT - Special Moves
DE - Special Moves
WR - Release
ILB - Tkl (I can't remember if there is enough time for this - if there isn't, just remove it)

Full Drill 1st Team Full Pads
Full Drill 2nd Team Partial Pads (can be Full Pads)
Full Drill 3rd Team No Pads (can be Partial Pads)
Postion Drills (1 rep unless otherwise noted)
C - Pass Blk
G - Run Blk
T - Pass Blk
HB - Gauntlet
CB - Back ped
CB - Pattern Rec
OLB- Tackle (2 reps)

My advice is to trade for a Guard who can really block ASAP and to draft a CB and OLB at the end of your first season. Also, pick up at least one FA CB and/or OLB. You can never have to many DEs (Howard is a bit fragile in this game).

Let me know what you guys think!

pakowitz 08-23-2004 12:21 PM

ESPN 2K5 Weekly Prep: Saints.
i dunno bout the weekly thing but what i do first is trade darren howard, he cost way to much money for his rating

and i found a way to get super draft picks

what u do is edit one of the rookies before the draft and as long as he is not a RB T or QB, he should fall all the way to you

i edited a DT one time all the way and he was 100 overall and i got him with the 21st pick in the draft

JKool 08-23-2004 06:49 PM

ESPN 2K5 Weekly Prep: Saints.
If anyone has other preps they like, I\'d love to hear them.

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