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papz 12-23-2012 10:22 PM

New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
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It is a big win for our football team obviously. We were going against a really good football team that was fighting for a playoff position. We did some things today that allowed us to win last week. We protected the football. We did a really good job with the run battle. We did a really good job protecting our quarterback and we put Tony under some pressure. They have an explosive audience with really good wide receivers. Hats off to them, their comeback was unbelievable. I am proud of our football team, were proud of our football team and they should be proud of one another.

What was your message to the team when you went to overtime after they came back?

We just wanted to win a game, just work as hard as you can to win a game. It doesnít matter if it is overtime or regulation, it is to win a game. Everybody was on board. There was no panic. So really thatís it. Everybody is fighting together.

I know Jimmy had just come out because I think he hurt his hand, but can you talk about the fight he had to get the fumble recovery?

Jimmy Graham really understands the difference in turnovers now. He lived two games were he turned the ball over and we werenít successful, but he was able to use his athleticism and muscle to get the ball, his huge.

Can you talk about the decision on fourth and two, when you were about to kick the field goal and took a time out to go for it?

Garrett looked like he had a hard time getting a spot. It was kind of windy and the ball was kind of moving around. He just came off a miss, so we took a timeout and put the ball back in the offenseís hands. The guy comes back and wins the game for us. Thatís basically it.

Can you talk about the defense and the job they did today?

They were outstanding. We were all disappointed a little bit that they gave up some big plays at the end to put them back in it. The way you are going to lose a game is by letting the ball get over your head, but they have a good football team and they have skilled wide receivers. This will be a learning experience for us.

Can you talk about Drew Brees and his passing game lately?

You guys were the ones who jumped off the bandwagon. No, he is a great quarterback. I donít know how many more accolades I have to say about him. You want me to put him on my W2 form or what.

Your thoughts on their resolve to keep fighting this season?

Listen, I think this. I think that we have talked about this all year long, from a 0-4 start. The character, the resolve, the togetherness, and the accountability from one another in the locker room. It is fun to be around on a daily basis. Even our setbacks, you educate the new members of our football team and the young members of our football team what wins and what losses in the National Football League specifically what wins for us. There is a learning curve and as a coach you have to have patience and stay the course. We said this from day one it is the football team. It is the kind of people that we draft; it is the kind of people that we signed. This football team is rather tested and their tough, they hang together, it is fun to coach.

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SloMotion 12-24-2012 07:08 AM

Re: New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
Good read. It lets you know how the Saints were able to battle back in the face of all the adversity. A lot of teams/players would have just mailed it in, not New Orleans. You gotta' admire that. It was a close game, but in the end, Romo didn't lose this one for the Cowboys, the Saints won it. :mrgreen:.

"Itís not whether you get knocked down, itís whether you get up again. ĖVince Lombardi

Marlboro Man 12-25-2012 09:58 PM

Re: New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
Ummm, coach, do you think this year, that you could draft or sign some players with actual intelligence and talent??? I think that you should look for more players with character that have some intelligence. You know, that can understand how to actually play defense? That might even be able to spell tackle? These guys may all be great guys to have in a locker room but watching them play defense brings to mind the term "STUPID AS A STUMP!!". Oh, and maybe lets try and draft an actual PLAYMAKER or two on defense this year ok? Just saying.

RockyMountainSaint 12-26-2012 03:11 AM

Re: New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
Thanks for this papz.

Rugby Saint II 12-26-2012 02:54 PM

Re: New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes
Post game quote..........."whew"!!!

dizzle88 12-27-2012 10:46 AM

Re: New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes

Originally Posted by Rugby Saint II (Post 467791)
Post game quote..........."whew"!!!

Thats the sound my blood pressure made when hartley finished the game vs cowboys

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