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blackroses 08-25-2004 05:39 PM

problems we may face going into a 3-4
I have read the post about are corners will not be the dowfall of this team. I agree too a certain extent but us going into a 3-4 brings up problems. If we go into a 3-4 a smart qb will know too audible into the shotgun and bring out a 5 wr set. This = coners will get burnt cause someones gonna be left one on one coverage. Can you say BURN BABY BURN WITH ME!!!!!!!!!

GumboBC 08-26-2004 06:45 AM

problems we may face going into a 3-4
Going to a 3-4 isn\'t going to change the number or defensive backs. It only changes the number of DEs in relation to the linebackers.

So, we\'ll still have the same number of defensive backs.

But if teams spread the field with their receivers, it could cause some match-up problems for our CBs. But that\'s true for most teams. I can\'t think of too many teams that has 3 or 4 quality CBs. Much less five.

That\'s why having a good pass rush is critical. It takes the pressure of the CBs. They don\'t have to stick with their man as long and the QB must get rid of the ball quickly.

I think Tebucky is going to really help our CBs out on the deep paterns. The underneath stuff is a concern and we\'ll just have to see?

blackroses 08-26-2004 05:24 PM

problems we may face going into a 3-4
What I meant is if they come out with a shotgun five receiver set we should go into a quarters D. That way there is more receivers too compensate for the 5 receiver set. A good pass rush is good but decent corners are good also incase the offence stalls time and time again. Yes no defense can sustain being on the feild too long they need too drink there gotorade we all know that. But if are offense can keep the defense off the feild bye running out the clock too open up passing lanes than we should be fine. Stallworth needs too try too stay healthy also unless devery henderson can contribute this year. Horn will face double teams if stallworth is not healthy which can lead too drives stalling and the defense getting tired which will lead too inconsistancy of are pass rush. Which will unveil the weakness at the corner position veteran leadership but lack of speed because of age. A good pass rush does = qb hurries, interceptions, and makes the qb nervous ass a little kid doin the pee pee dance.

SaintNik 08-27-2004 12:49 AM

problems we may face going into a 3-4
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