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spkb25 08-26-2004 08:27 PM

all right damn it, its time to make predictions for this wee
last week i didnt give mine n damn thing i didnt i would have been wrong on both fronts. ok i expect the d not to do as well against the run this week. that doesnt mean they will do bad just not as well but they will still be solid. i expect not many sacks because i think the saints r saving those packages for seattle.
i think bouman plays better. i think deuce looks good. i think we have a few drops but not as mnay. i think our o looks better then last weeek.

okok i know not a far stretch on the o looking better how could they look worse. good point before u made it. alright guys make um and live with them. i wont see the game until sunday morning . so good for u guys that get to watch it live.
if we beat seattle we could be 4-0. n that would be good because it only gets tougher.
if we loose we could still be 3-1. i think we will loose but im ready to go either way n hope as always we win. n i took the next day off after opening day just in case we dont win. cause ill drown my sorrows. alright take it easy all

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