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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Some of us have debated what preseason really means. Some (myself included) don't put a lot of stock in the preseason games. Well, whatever your opinion of preseason is, everyone should pay more attention to this 3rd preseason game against ...

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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

Some of us have debated what preseason really means. Some (myself included) don't put a lot of stock in the preseason games.

Well, whatever your opinion of preseason is, everyone should pay more attention to this 3rd preseason game against the Bears

The third preseason game is especially crucial as it has become THE game for teams in preseason. This is THE game where the starters play almost the entire game. This is THE game where there is SOME game planning done.

The first 2 preseason games have provided very little information on what we can expect from this Saints team. Several key players have been out on offense. The defense has been evaluating talent and some jobs are still up for grabs. Further, there hasn't been any game planning as the coahes are trying to find out how certain players do in certain situations.

Tonight, for the first time, we are going to get a glimpse of what the Saints are really trying to do on offense and defense. I don't think we're going to see everything. I don't know if we'll see Will Smith, Darren Howard, and Charles Grant on the field together. But, we will get to see how our starters match-up with another teams starters for an EXTENDED period of tiime. And because there is some game planning, they should be in a postion to be successful. Unlike these first 2 preseason games.

If the Saints play well on defense in tonights game, I will walk away from the preseason feeling encouraged. If they play poorly tonight, I will be very concerned. Not that I think they won't get better, because I'm sure they will. But, maybe they won't be ready for the start of the season. We can't afford another slow start out of the gate.

On offense, Brooks won't play. I don't expect our passing game to be great. But our back-up QB's need to play better. My main concern is to get all of our starting O-line on the field together and open some holes for Deuce and protect the QB.

IF the receivers keep dropping the ball, it's going to be a very big concern for me.

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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

I would like to see more of Will Smith. Despite the fact that DE wasn\'t a priority in the offseason, I was not upset with the Saints drafting him, because I thought he was the best player available at the time. Even then, just from what I\'ve seen in the first two games, he\'s playing at a higher level than even I expected, so I want to see more!!!!!
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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

I would like to see the Saint\'s light up the scoreboard and not DROP any ball\'s, the O-Line protect the QB (no matter who it is) and for us to stuff the run one more time. I feel we did a very good job against the Packer\'s, but I need to see it again, with more feeling.
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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

the 3rd preseason game is crucial to any team... it really sets the standard or tone by which a team will PROBABLY play for the season... the first team off. and def. play deeper into the game (gearing up for the regular season), which gives coaches, players, and fans alike a good barometer of what to expect when they suit up in the regular season.
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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

Then last night really puts a scare into me if you consider the 3rd pre-season to be critical. While I don\'t necessarily put more staock in preseason game 3, over any of the others, I do look for certain things when I have the chance to view the games. I haven\'t seen last night, but if I take rado commentary and the opinions of those I respect into play, there are alot of concerns on this team. One cannot deny the talent level we possess on offense. We returned damn near 95% of the offense this year and added new talent to the mix as well. These guys are having difficulty executing the vanilla playbook. Dropping balls, pre-snap penalties, and missed basic assignments.

[sarcasm]I\'m sure, like last year (and every prior season) is simply because we\'re trying note to expose our hand before the season. [/sarcasm]

I acn\'t wait to hear more post game interviews. I believe there are at least 2 players who have yet to rehearse the line, \"we have to get better. We need to execute plays better\". Wow, I really don\'t know why this surprises me.

I\'m sure this will be seen as me writing off the team, which I\'m not doing. It\'s very hard to watch other teams in pre-season show polish. To watch the 1st team come out and look very efficient like there has been no layoff since last year and then see their back-ups make some crucial plays while learning the scheme.

There are some on our team that this can be said about and this gives me hope. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the coaches discussion today.

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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

Awww come on now Lumm, you know that\'s why we kept everything the same, so we\'d look as polished as all the good teams. Remember that\'s the reason for not picking up big name talent during the off season.

Sorry but I just had to post the obvious. LOL.

And before ya\'ll start getting on me, i\'m not giving up on the team but you\'d think with the same players as last year we\'d look better than this.
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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

Don\'t want to, but I have to agree with ya Joe. I thought at least by the 3rd preseason game we would see some consistentcy out of this team, after all that\'s what Haz wanted, but the only thing consistent so far is the inconsistentcy.
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Preseason, Preseason, Preseason.

I watched the game between the Panthers and Patriots last night and was pretty impressed. I wish that the Saints could look that good in the regular season.

I think that the Saints may still get it together I just worry that it might not be until after the regular season starts. Of course they\'ll be better once Brooks gets back under center but this preseason has done nothing to encourage me.
I don\'t know what these passes look like to the receivers that drop them but when I hear about them I flip.
It looks like Thomas Jones ran all over the defense.

But hey, that\'s what the preseasons for right? To see what each player can bring. To see what different packages look like against another team. To see what players play well under pressure.

Just get it together before the Hawks. PLEASE. My confidence in this team is as fragile as Chris Chandlers body. If they lose the first game my confidence will be crushed like Chandler would be after Will Smith got a free shot at him in the open field.

"...it's good to have friends, no matter where they are."--JOESAM2002
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