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WhoDat 12-15-2002 06:35 PM

Well, the defense is absolutely abysmal, which is going to hurt a lot in the playoffs. However, as long as the ceding stays like it is, the Saints are in the best position theycould be in. Think about this, currently the NFC looks like this:

1. Philadelphia
2. Tampa Bay
3. Green Bay
4. San Francisco
5. New Orleans
6. Atlanta

Now, I’m not unhappy with playing on the road in the playoffs, depending on where it is. The Saints are a bad home team and have been great on the road since Haslett got here. In any case, given the chose to play at Green Bay, at San Francisco, or host Atlanta in round one, I’d take at San Fran – which is exactly what they'd get.

If they beat the 49ers, they will play at Philadelphia, while the Packers (who aren’t losing to Atlanta at home in January) will go to Tampa.

I’m not sure they’ll even get past the first round, but if they do, again, I’d much rather play at Philly then try to go play at Tampa and beat them three times in a season. If the Saints get past Philly, which seems unlikely to me, but not impossible, the NFC title would be Saints at Tampa, who I don’t think will lose to the Pack at home. Favre is simply average when he’s away at former NFC Central teams.

Now, the Saints being in the NFC title game seems really unlikely to me, BUT if it happens, I like being at Tampa. It’s extremely difficult to beat a team three times in a season. Still if it is the NFC Title game it’s a whole different situation, and I would rather be playing at Tampa then anywhere else.

So it’s not terrible. The problem is the defense. I’m worried about two things. 1 – being able to stop the 49ers and/or eagles when it counts in the playoffs, and 2 – not losing to the Bengals or Panthers and ending up the 6 cede and having to go to Green Bay in week one of the playoffs.

Rob 12-15-2002 06:47 PM

We overlooked Minnesota today so I wouldn\'t assume we will beat Cinncinati next week, especially how our offense is producing in the red zone early in games. The Bengals can score points and we will have to match them, just as we had to do today.

Did anyone in the crowd or watching at home during this game today doubt who the ball would be thrown to at the end of the game? Moss did it to us again and that should not have happened.

We\'ve go work to do to earn a playoff spot now.

daviddrake2 12-15-2002 07:23 PM

How could they have NOT known that the ball would go to Moss??? Culpepper didn\'t try to disguise his intentions at all.

If Culpepper has 3, 4, 5 attempts, he is going to connect sooner or later. My question is why didn\'t we cover him better? What was Dale Carter doing on that last TD? I\'m puzzled...

Well they just better try to work some of this out before the playoffs start.


David in Houston

nocloning 12-15-2002 07:34 PM

As bad as Dale Carter looked on that last play, what concerns me even more is how they allowed the Vikings to march down the field. If they get to 1st and goal they\'ll get into the endzone. And this doesn\'t happen once, it happens twice, starting with 50 seconds left in the second quarter they can score a touchdown? Come on. To me this was the one game in the season we shouldn\'t have lost, as the 49ers game was the one we shouldn\'t have won.
Regarding the play-off picture: Let\'s hope it stays that way. The best way to secure 5th would be two wins (obviously). Let\'s hope Kitna has one of his throw-it-up-for-grabs days next weekend, cause the Saints can\'t win without turnovers.

saintfan 12-16-2002 08:12 AM

Our Defense is bad...terrible, unconsiously unable to stop my great grandma on one of her bad days. I mean really ya\'ll...these guys stink. Sedrick Hodge on Randy Moss at the end of the 2nd quarter? I love ya Mr. Venturi, but I\'ve had just about enough. Mark it down...when we rush three, as we did during their last drive, we lose.

jm 12-16-2002 11:42 AM

As I stated in a previous post that I got blasted for being a pesimist, the Vikes game was a must win. A win then and the Saints were in the play offs, now its back to work, It will now take beating the Panthers to secure a playoff spot. They won\'t be a push over either. Beating Cinn alone will not do it. However a win over Cinn coupled with a loss by either the Falcons or the Giants will work. As far as seeding, like I said don\'t count your chickens before they are hatched, Lets just get in and see what happens.
You can call me a pesimist if you like but I like dealing with reality. Wishing alone won.t win games, that\'s done on the field. You are not a playoff team till you are in the playoffs. Hopefully things will go our way this Sunday. No one pulls for their team more than I do and for a long time. So Geaux Saints!

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