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JOESAM2002 12-16-2002 11:45 AM

Why are they slipping?
Amen, I couldn\'t have said it better myself. :casstet:

daviddrake2 12-16-2002 03:05 PM

Why are they slipping?
Gator, I like the optimism, but unfortunately I think it is just too far fetched to hope that we can win out while Packers and Bucs crumble. Don\'t get me wrong, I\'d love for it to happen, but I just don\'t see much chane of it coming true.

The best we can hope for at this time is that the team looks deep inside itself and realizes that it is wasting so much potential on the kind of effort it put forward yesterday.

I know we have the talent to beat the Vikes on any given Sunday. Hell, we have the talent to beat any other team in this league at least 75% of the time when we play up to our potential. But the key is playing up to our potential. And testerday the SAINTS did not get anywhere close. If they had, the score would have been at least 43-32, if not more like 48-17.

Just my opinion.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

JOESAM2002 12-17-2002 12:15 AM

Why are they slipping?
There is always hope. Look at the Pats last year.As I have said before, at the beginning of the year who would have thought we would have been 9-5 at this point? Certainly not me. I guess we just expect the best for our team. GO SAINTS! :)

pakowitz 12-17-2002 01:17 AM

Why are they slipping?
even though we played like crap sunday and everyone is complaining, we still will make the playoffs and can still bring it together and do something with it, when the playoffs start, anything can happen

WhoDat 12-17-2002 09:35 AM

Why are they slipping?
You know, I said it in another forum, and I\'ll say it again. I like where the Saints are right now. If they can find a way not to F--k up against the Bungles or Panthers they go into the playoffs as a 5 cede and travel to SF. To me, that\'s the best possible scenario.

Think about it, we suck at home. We are a much better road team. Next, between playing the Eagles, Bucs, Pack, 9ers, or Falcons, I take SF. I think it will be harder for us to beat the Bucs and Pack again than it will be to beat the 9ers again. The Falcons would destroy us AGAIN, and Philly is just too hot.

We know the 9ers well. We always play them tight, so no matter what we\'ll at least be in the game and have a shot. If we can win there we go to Philly where we can play spoiler. Then it would be on to Tampa. Most importantly, we avoid the two teams that I think are most dangerous to us in the playoffs. The Falcons, and Pack in Lambeau.

We\'re actually sitting pretty IF, and this is a HUGE IF with this team, they can just win their remaining two games.

saintz08 12-17-2002 10:25 AM

Why are they slipping?
They slip , they lose the home games and an underrated team always stands a chance . The answer is team leadership .Teams and players feel more comfortable at home , its the same in playing a team with a worse record .

Free agency has taken away , team pride . A player see\'s , here today capped out tomorrow .

Mueller was great at spotting a good player with speed . What Mueller never found was the player with the appetite to win .......

saintfan 12-17-2002 10:47 AM

Why are they slipping?
I think I know where you\'re going with the \"leadership\" comment. My question is who\'s the leader on Defense? I don\'t see any of those guys stepping up. AB can\'t be counted on to motivate those guys from the sideline.

Take last weeks game. The Offense stepped up and scored the go ahead TD. The only thing they did wrong (like the Atlanta game) was score too freakin early. Now our \"D\" has to step up and put the game away. They failed to do it AGAIN. Who\'s the leader on that side of the ball? Looks to me like we don\'t have one.


daviddrake2 12-17-2002 01:25 PM

Why are they slipping?
SaintFan, I am with you 100% on that last post. The D certainly appears to lack any kind of leadership. Last year that honor (leading the defense) seemed to go to Turley. But I have not seen or heard much out of him this season. Did his position change really affect everything that much?

I also know that Brooks is supposed to lead the offense as well, but at times I think he has done a poor job too. I believe that Duece (through his actions) and Horn (through his talk and play) have done as much to motivate the offense this year as Aaron has.

Someone (or a couple of players) need to step up and get this team back in the right frame of mind whail there is still hope of making a real run at a title.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

saintz08 12-17-2002 01:32 PM

Why are they slipping?
That is just the point , where is the onfield leadership .

Where is the guy on either side of the ball as a player , you do not want to go back to the huddle and face if you screw up .

Who is the Unitas , Butkus , Montana , Romanowski , Lewis or Rice ??

Turley is good on offense , Horn has his moments .

The defense is lacking that one answer too player with the appetite of a T Rex for winning .

Can anyone really say that Cox has the hunger he had last year ???

Veteran leadership is one thing , but it cannot replace the hunger for victory ....

daviddrake2 12-17-2002 01:35 PM

Why are they slipping?
Exactly. I just don\'t see the hunger.

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