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ScottyRo 08-28-2004 12:24 PM

Broadcast Booth
I am already beginning to miss the guys that have been doing the game for UPN 54 this year. When I think about the commentators we'll have to endure this season it makes me sick.

Archie and Jaws are terrific color guys. They know the Saints well and explain onfield problems succinctly. One notable example is when they talked about the QBs after an incompletion. They'd say something to the effect of: "That was the right WR, but the wrong throw." Then they'd explain what kind of throw was required there and why.

I wish the NFL would use separate teams for it's broadcasts in such a way that NO area would get the NO commentators and the other team's area would get their commentators. It'd be much more enjoyable than listening to a couple of morons that don't know anything about either team other than names and numbers.

I generally try to listen to the game on the radio and watch the tv broadcast, but the radio is ahead in the synch and during commercials I like to watch the other game that's on and it intereferes with that since the radio is blaring commercials.

chRxis 08-28-2004 12:27 PM

Broadcast Booth
i did like the commentators, although, to me, archie seems a little perturbed sometimes... he does seem to belittle the efforts of our team in certain situations.

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