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Saintaintso 01-23-2013 01:15 AM

Perfect System
Bout a Quarter till 11 right now just getting ready to throw on a bit of Stand up Comedy , I check my twitter account and found a very interesting topic going on.

Ravens defender claims he finds Tom Brady's flaw , So I read it blah blah blah , the article suggests he throws the ball low. Quite Considerable when you look at the film of the Rematch 2013 , Tom Brady had quite a peculiar number of balls batted down and one muffed at the line which in turn was intercepted.

Which kind of got me thinking ...

Tom Brady doesn't have a Sports Science montage !? All of the greats do !
Rodgers , Brees , ect ... I think Belecheck knows that Brady's game is flawed , so he doesn't allow for him to display openly his throwing in all capacity. Only under the pretense of him running the New England Offense which was engineered for him to succeed. So all his flaws are greatly masked.

Remember when Matt Flynn threw for 600 + in his 1st Packers start ? Remember Flynn going to Seattle where they revamped their offensive assault ? It's a copy cat league , he brought that part of the offense from GB to Seattle that made him shine where he lost his job to Russel Wilson who was even better in it. It looks like a more rugged rough version of the Green Bay offense , I'm just saying connect the dots.

In totality it's about the system the coach puts together.

This proves the importance of a Coach and more in detail a system that works. Take Chip Kelly for example ... His Offense wasn't a gimmick at all. 11 on 11 is what the rules state. His offensive assault was sound given certain gap and coverage responsibilities of both 3 : 4 and 4 : 3 defenses. People sat the entire team in the box against him and still couldn't stop him.
He was the architect of a beautiful system in which he was putting numbers up at an alarming rate and guess who he was giving advice to ??. Hmmmm ???You guessed it ! Bill Belecheck Raise any questions ?

These guys are masters at Offensive Systems and know what so little teams know.

Now to what we as Saints Fans should keep in mind about this.
Sean Payton is the most Dangerous Mind in Football. And Goodell gave him 365 Days to revamp , see things from a different angle , and strategize. He
got to see what made the Saints tick and what broke their limit this year. He's just taking notes and writing up a System so amazing , I dare to say in the next 3 years we will have a team threatening to take it all the way unblemished.

What a find.

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