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spkb25 08-29-2004 01:36 PM

what r the complaints about our d?
i dont get it. ive watched the game fianlly oday. right now i have watched it on tivo through the first quarter n 3 minutes of the second n i dont understand. our d is not going to be great this year people. we have let up some runs i havent liked but boy in large we have played great. especially against the pass. this is a much improver d. a lot better then last year. im sorry i dont see all the complaints. through 5 drives they have had only one that did anything. what else r u looking for. we r not a great d. but were decent n if our offfense is great then we will make the play offs this year. barring huge injuries. im sorry im very impressed with those guys. our o looked ok tonight except at qb. arron is an obvious upgrade. i like this team after what ive saw of this game. but in all truth it is only preseason. so we will have to wait until the start of the season. but im sorry i dont understand all the criticism. i think our d is better. but we do have to wait untill the season to know for sure. but their passing game has had problems n it has all to with our d. please rebut if u will

no_cloning 08-29-2004 03:30 PM

what r the complaints about our d?
Irony? A blatant attempt to stir the pot? An excuse for the more angry posters to rip the defense again?
I\'m not biting. Only this: They did look bad against the run. Chicago\'s QB is Rex Grossman, arguably in the Top 5 of worst starting QBs in the NFL with arguably - probably really - the worst receiver corps in the NFL.

spkb25 08-29-2004 03:37 PM

what r the complaints about our d?
im not arguing whre chicago is in my argument. point is this. we looked good. not great. n we wont because we r not a great d. n um buddy not trying to get an argument from anyone. im not on any side. im just looking aqt the game and being honest. wee looked good. end of story. great no. not at all. but um we rnt a great d. n um for that think we r ur the problem. we r not great. n we wont be. as long as were decent im happy. still better then last year sdo far

JKool 08-29-2004 08:25 PM

what r the complaints about our d?

I like your enthusiasm.

I guess, what it comes down to for most of us is this: our defense, even if it is good (which is of course a different argument) could be much better if we\'d taken the time to really beef it up in the offseason (rather than gambling on rookies).

People are frustrated that we have a good offense (though that too has been called into question this preseason), but don\'t have the defense to match. Pretty well everyone will agree that over the past few seasons our biggest problem has been run defense, and since it appears that has improved little, people are becoming very impatient with that.

I guess, it is my opinion that it will come together and we\'ll have fine year, but most people have been thinking that this is our year (I think that we need at least one more year of building and better player assessment this coming offseason). Seeing the almost completely random (or at least inconsistent) play of our defense and the inexplicable inability of our offense to catch the ball, that belief has been shattered - causing much frustration.

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