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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Good post Saintsfan. It\'s well known one man doesn\'t make or break a team. I too find it hard to place blame on the loss to the Vikings on one person. But according to my last check no one is ...

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Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper

Good post Saintsfan. It\'s well known one man doesn\'t make or break a team. I too find it hard to place blame on the loss to the Vikings on one person. But according to my last check no one is perfect. If the truth be known the whole team could have played a little better. We can all blame someone but that doesn\'t make it true, it\'s just our opinion. Contrary to some beliefs there are more than a few knowledgable people posting to this board. We can choose to agree or disagree, it\'s our choice. I just choose to not say anything at all if i don\'t agree with someones post. That to me doesn\'t make them an idiot. I just disagree. GO SAINTS!

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt!!!!!

"Every time you think, you weaken the nation!" Moe Howard...The Three Stooges.
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SaintFan - you are SO right and you are SO wrong!

First, Brooks is not THE problem with the Saints. The defense is the problem. You\'re right. HOWEVER, the \"Brooks bashers\" (and I guess you can include me in that group if you want) are right about some things... and stats have nothing to do with it.

Brooks does not have the instincts that other greats like Favre have. He doesn\'t seem to be making any progress in his maturation as a QB. Most importantly, he makes mistakes - the same mistakes - week in and week out. Mistakes that other QBs don\'t make. Now, I\'m no expert, but I do watch three games at a time every Sunday. With Sunday and Monday night that\'s 8 games a week - 16 QBs. I don\'t see other legitimate QBs in the upper half of the league making the same bone head mistakes every week.

As far as trusting the NFL talent scouts... well, just don\'t put any money on it. Otherwise you\'d be taking Leaf and Smith over guys like Warner and Brady. NFL scouts don\'t know everything either. In fact, their wrong just as often as any arm chair QB. I don\'t understand how you can trust talent scouts. Name one First round draft pick that paid off for the Saints in the last 20 years prior to the Muellers getting here (that excludes Deuce and Stallworth).

Coaches often make a decision and then stick with it regardless of how obvious it is to every one else in the world that they should be doing something else. My major point is this. Aaron Brooks is a decent quarterback. In Saints terms, he\'s good.. maybe one of the top three Saints QBs all time. However, I think the Saints coaching staff overlooks Delhomme b/c they have announced that Brooks is their man. Now they\'ll stay that course even to their demise.

All that said, you\'re right. Brooks deserves far less criticism than the defense, which is keeping the Saints from being the best team in the league.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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Im not saying that Warner is a great QB and we should go get him but look what he did with a talented team. Same with Culpepper. Why is it that Brooks is struggling with all the talent on this team? Brooks has played ok all year yes but only 1-300 yards passing game against Clevland! With the WRs we have how is he not putting up better numbers? Brooks played a great game this week and his 107 QB rating is amazing. But on the year its in the 84.7 and thats in the bottom half of the league.

The fact is you cant argue stats or Wins and Losses. Brooks wins and you want all the credit to go to him. Why is it that Super Bowl MVP Trent Dilfer was released? HE wasnt that great a QB even though he barely lost any games. Would you take his W/L over the things some other QBs can do? NO its not about W/L its about making plays that help you win or making plays that cost you to lose. Brady isnt as Talented as Bledsoe, but who is starting in NE? Sometimes it isnt the most talented QB that helps you win its the one that gives your team the best chance to win. The QB that makes more plays and less mistakes. Dilfer didnt lose games he put his team in a position to win games. Brooks might play good and we win, but He has never won a game all by his self. He has lost games all by his self(Cleveland). He has not proven to me that he is the superstar playmaking QB. HE is more talented than Dilfer yes, but not as talented as other QBs on losing teams.

AS for my opinion I have stated I dont know how many tymes that Brooks is the MOST TALENTED QB we have! He is just taking along tyme to learn the system and still makes mistakes. And Once again WHERE DID I BLAME HIM for this loss???

The problem is I dont agree with you guys and worship the ground Brooks walks on so yall all get upset. When he first came on to the field and wowed us I thought we had sumthing special. Then he decided he wanted to be less of a playmaker and more of a QB. Problem is he isnt smart enough to be a drop back passer he has to be a playmaker. He isnt playing to his strengths. He is making himself look bad by trying to force himself to play sumthing he isnt as good at playing.

I dont blame him for everything. He has done alot of good things but he makes alot of mistakes, and since I point out his mistakes I get 10 guys telling me Im stupid when most ppl agree with the things I am saying. Im not calling for his head. All I am saying is he makes mistakes and thats what I see. I say he plays good when he plays good, but if he plays good and makes a mistake I will point it out. Not cause I dont like him, but because it was a mistake. And he needs to work on correcting that.

Quik question for you Brooks lovers:
Would you trade Brooks for Bulger? Bulger is just as young and shows just as much promise. If not more than Brooks. Why do we have to WAIT for Brooks to come around. Im not blaming him Im not saying he isnt good Im critical of some of the things he does that hurts the team. But in 3 years he hasn\'t learned how to play like Bulger has in half a year. Makes you wonder...
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Now, I don\'t agree with everything that Syco said, but he asked a damn good question. I wouldn\'t trade Brooks, but do you think it is worth going out and getting Bulger and letting them compete for the starting job?

Personally I think our money is better spent on defense right now, HOWEVER, I think the Saints should open up the QB race and simply let the best man win in camp next year. Delhomme deserves at least a look! I have this sinking feeling that we\'ll be kicking ourselves in a year or two when Delhomme is putting up great numbers somewhere else. Isn\'t that the story of the Saints?

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper

Brooks is our QB. Gatorman,you don\'t need a xanax after all. Good apology. Brooks is o.k. I am not a basher by any means,I like the guy. His numbers are better this year,the only year that matters. Brooks can bring us to the playoffs,duh! Brooks is capable of many good things. I would like to see us do great things bottom line. Brooks is tarting because our coaches think he is the man for the job. Delhomme,will make a good QB,unfortunately probably on another team. Brooks would have never played behind Favre. Opinions make the world go round,we aren\'t playing,coaching or scouting. We are voicing opinions, and venting about stupid losses like last week.

I love my Saints and think you guys have some great opinions and some that make no sense at all. We need to unite around who we have and who is playing,onward and upward.

Don't want em to get your goat don't show em where it's hid.
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PFW reports .

New Orleans

QB Aaron Brooks has been everything the Saints hoped for when he signed a lucrative contract extension prior to the season, and the Saints’ success this year has been in no small part due to Brooks’ development. But we’re told that doesn’t mean he can’t be replaced. Insiders say that Brooks’ recent shoulder problem — he has a small tear of the tendon that connects his right deltoid muscle to his shoulder — doesn’t have the coaching staff in a panic because they believe backup Jake Delhomme can be just as effective in the offense. Delhomme isn’t nearly as mobile as Brooks, but he has been steady in relief in recent weeks and has the confidence of his teammates that the Saints won’t suffer a huge drop-off at the QB position. Brooks’ injuries could mean a heavier workload for RB Deuce McAllister during the stretch run, but McAllister believes he is healthy enough now to shoulder the load.That’s good news for head coach Jim Haslett, who would just as soon not change his team’s philosophy with the Saints’ playoff status still up in the air.

If Jake could be just as effective as Brooks , would he do it for less ???????

Not nearly as mobile as Brooks ??? Is that going backwards ???

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
Brooks is a moron!! - Halo
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I can agree with that article for the most part. I would like to see Brooks get better. I dont want JT to be the back up in the playoffs. However, I dont think there is a surgery on the arm that can heal that fast in 2 weeks and be considered 100%. So I guess AB might as well play cause sitting him on the side wont do much good for us this season. If this was a serious career threatening injury I doubt he would be playing.

That being said... Now I can disagree... Delhomme might not be as fast as Brooks, but I think he might be just as mobile. If he isnt he sure knows when to run.

In 38 games Brooks has played he has 177 rushes 770 yards and 5 TD\'s. A 4.4 average.
In 6 games Delhomme has played he has 14 rushes 76 yards and 2 TD\'s. A 5.4 average.

You take away the one game this year where he came in and only tossed a hail mary, and take away that game where he came in and threw the pass to Joe Horn against Tampa. Add in the 2 kneels for -1 a pop and you have 4 games where he has 78 yards and 2 TD\'s. On 12 carries. a 6.5 average...It might not be as impressive as Vick or Culpepper but that looks like a mobile QB to me!
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i can name a few first round picks that worked out for the saints:

Pro bowl LT Kyle Turley - 1998
Pro bowl DE Joe Johnson - 1994
Pro bowl LT Willie Roaf - 1993
Pro bowl DE Renaldo Turnbull - 1990
Pro bowl DE Wayne Martin - 1989
Craig \"iron head\" heyward - 1988
Archie Manning - 1971

these are just a few
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in fact, here is every saints draft pick since 1967:


1. Donte Stallworth WR Tennessee
1. Charles Grant DE Georgia
2. LeCharles Bentley C Ohio State
3. James Allen LB Oregon State
4. Keyou Craver CB Nebraska
5. Melvin Mitchell S Western Kentucky
6. J.T. O\'Sullivan QB UC-Davis
6. John Gilmore TE Penn State
7. Derrius Monroe DE Virginia Tech


1. Deuce McAllister RB Mississippi
3. Sedrick Hodge LB North Carolina
3. Kenny Smith DL Alabama
4. Moran Norris FB Kansas
5. Onomo Ojo WR UC-Davis
6. Mitch White T Oregon State
7. Ennis Davis DT USC


2. Darren Howard DE Kansas State
4. Terrelle Smith FB Arizona State
5. Tutan Reyes OL Mississippi
5. Austin Wheatley TE Iowa
5. Chad Morton RB USC
6. Marc Bulger QB West Virginia
6. Michael Hawthorne DB Purdue
6. Sherrod Gideon WR Southern Mississippi
7. Kevin Houser TE Ohio State


1. Ricky Williams RB Texas


1. Kyle Turley T San Diego St.
2. Cameron Cleeland TE Washington
4. Fred Weary CB Florida
4. Julian Pittman DT Florida St.
5. Wilmont Perry FB Livingstone College
6. Chris Bordano LB SMU
7. Andy McCollough WR Tennessee
7. Ron Warner LB Kansas


1. Chris Naeole G Colorado
2. Rob Kelly DB Ohio State
2. Jared Tomich DE Nebraska
3. Troy Davis RB Iowa State
4. Danny Wuerffel QB Florida
4. Keith Poole WR Arizona State
6. Nicky Savoie TE LSU


1. Alex Molden CB Oregon
2. JeRod Cherry CB California
3. Brady Smith DE Colorado St.
4. Ricky Whittle RB Oregon
5. Mercury Hayes WR Michigan
5. Tom Ackerman G Eastern Washington
5. Terry Guess WR Gardner-Webb
6. Keno Hills T Southwestern Louisiana
6. Toderick Malone WR Alabama
7. Henry Lusk TE Utah


1. Mark Fields LB Washington St.
2. Ray Zellars FB Notre Dame
3. Mike Verstegen T Wisconsin
4. Dameian Jeifries DE Alabama
5. William Strong CB North Carolina St
6. Lee DeRamas WR Wisconsin
7. Travis Davis S Notre Dame


1. Joe Johnson DE Louisville
2. Mario Bates RB Arizona St.
3. Winfred Tubbs LB Texas
4. Doug Nussmeier QB Idaho
5. Herman Carroll DE Mississippi St.
5. Craig Novitsky G UCLA
6. Derrell Mitchell WR Texas Tech
7. Lance Lundberg T Nebraska


1. William Roaf T Louisiana Tech
1. Irv Smith TE Notre Dame
2. Reggie Freeman LB Florida St.
4. Lorenzo Neal FB Fresno St
4. Derek Brown RB Nebraska
5. Tyrone Hughes CB Nebraska
6. Ronnie Dixon NT Cincinnati
7. Othello Henderson S UCLA
8. Jon Kirksey NT Cal St.- Sacramento


1. Vaughn Dunbar RB Indiana
3. Tyrone Legette CB Nebraska
4. Gene McGuire C Notre Dame
4. Sean Lumpkin S Minnesota
5. Torrance Small WR Alcorn St.
6. Kary Vincent CB Texas A&M
8. Robert Stewart NT Alabama
9. Donald Jones LB Washington
10. Marcus Dowdell WR Tennessee St.
11. Mike Gisier G Houston
12. Scott Adell T North Carolina St.


2. Wesley Carroll WR Miami (Fla.)
5. Reggie Jones CB Memphis St.
6. Fred McAfee RB Mississippi College
7. Hayward Haynes G Florida St.
8. Frank Wainright TE Northern Colorado
11. Scott Rosa LB USC
12. Mark Drabczak G Minnesota


1. Renaldo Turnbull DE West Virginia
2. Vince Buck CB Central State (Ohio)
3. Joel Smeenge DE Western Michigan
4. DeMond Winston LB Vanderbilt
5. Charles Arbuckle TE UCLA
6. Mike Buck QB Maine
6. James Williams LB Mississippi St
7. Scott Hough G Maine
8. Gerry Gdowski QB Nebraska
8. Derrick Carr DE Bowling Green
9. Broderick Graves RB Winston-Salem State
9. Lonnie Brockman LB West Virginia
1O. Gary Cooper WR Clemson
l0. Ernest Spears S USC
11. Webbie Burnett NT Western Kentucky
12. Chris Port T Duke


1. Wayne Martin DE Arkansas
2. Robert Massey DB North Carolina Central
3. Kim Phillips DB North Texas St.
4. Michael Mayes CB LSU
5. Kevin Haverdink T Western Michigan
6. Floyd Turner WR Northwestern (La.) St.
7. David Griggs LB Virginia
8. Fred Hadley WR Mississippi St.
9. Jerry Leggett LB Cal State-Fullerton
10. Joe Henderson RB Iowa St.
11. Calvin Nicholson CB Oregon St.
12. Michael Cadore WR Eastern Kentucky


1. Craig Heyward FB Pittsburgh
2. Brett Perriman WR Miami
3. Tony Stephens NT Clemson
4. Lydell Carr FB Oklahoma
5. Greg Scales TE Wake Forest
5. Keith Taylor CB Illinois
6. Bob Sims G Florida
7. Brian Forde LB Washington St.
8. Glenn Derby T Wisconsin
9. Clarence Nunn CB San Diego St.
lO. Todd Santos QB San Diego St.
lO. Vincent Fizer LB Southern
11. Gary Couch WR Minnesota
12. Pasi Jorgensen LB Georgia Tech


1. Shawn Knight DE Brigham Young
2. Lonzell Hill WR Washington
3. Michael Adams CB Arkansaa State
4. Steve Trapilo G Boston College
5. Milton Mack CB Alcorn State
6. Thomas Hensley WR Stanford
7. Gene Atkins S Florida A&M
8. Toi Cook CB Stanford
9. Scott Leach LB Ohio State
10. Robert Clark WR North Carolina Central
11. Arthur Wells TE Grambling
12. Tyrone Sorrells G Georgia Tech


1. Jim Dombrowski T Virginia
2. Dalton Hilliard RB LSU
3. Rueben Mayes RB Washington State
3. Pat Swilling LB Georgia Tech
3. Barry Word, RB Virginia
4. Kelvin Edwards WR Liberty Baptist
6. Reggie Sutton CB Miami
6. Robert Thompson WR Youngstown State
7. Gill Fenerty RB Holy Cross
8. Filipo Mokofisi LB Utah
9. Merlon Jones LB Florida A&M
10. Jonathan Dumbauld DE Kentucky
11. Patrick Swoopes NT Mississippi State
12. Sebastian Brown WR Bethune-Cookman


1. Alvin Toles LB Tennessee
2. Dares Gilbert T Cal State-Fullerton
3. Jack Del Rio LB USC
4. Billy Allen S Florida State
7. Eric Martin WR LSU
8. Joe Kohlbrand LB Miami
9. Earl Johnson CB South Carolina
12. Treg Songy S Tulane


2. James Geathers DT Wichita State
3. Terry Hoage S Georgia
3. Tyrone Anthony RB North Carolina
4. Joel Hilgenberg C Iowa
5. Jitter Fields CB Texas
6. Don Thorp FL Illinois
8. Clemon Terrell RB Southern Mississippi
9. Brian Hansen P Sioux Falls College
10. Paul David Gray LB Western Kentucky
11. Michel Bourgeau DE Boise State
12. Byron Nelson T Arizona


1. Vaughan Johnson LB North Carolina State
2. Mel Gray RB Purdue
3. Steve Bearden LB Vanderbilt


2. Steve Korte G Arkansas
3. John Tice TE Maryland
3. Cliff Austin RB Clemson
5. Gary Lewis DT Oklahoma State
8. David Greenwood S Wisconsin


1. Lindsay Scott WR Georgia
2. Brad Edelman C Missouri
3. Rodney Lewis CB Nebraska
3. Eugene Goodlow WR Kansas State
3. Kenny Duckett WR Wake Forest
3. John Krimm S Notre Dame
4. Morten Andersen K Michigan State
5. Tony Elliott DE North Texas State
6. Martin Lewis RB Tulane
8. Chuck Slaughter T South Carolina


1. George Rogers RB South Carolina
2. Russell Gary C Nebraska
2. Rickey Jackson LB Pittsburgh
3. Frank Warren DE Auburn
3. Hoby Brenner TE USC
5. Louis Oubre G Oaklahoma
5. Jerry Boyarsky NT Pittsburgh
6. Nat Hudson G Georgia
6. Johnnie Poe CB Missouri
6. Glen Redd LB Brigham Young
7. Kevin Williams WR USC
8. Gene Gladys LB Penn State
8. Kevin Evans S Arkansas
9. Toussaint Tyler RB Washington
10. Hokie Gajan RB LSU
11. Lester Mickens WR Kansas
12. Jim Wilks DT San Diego State


1. Stan Brock T Colorado
2. David Waymer CB Notre Dame
4. Mike Jolly CB Michigan
6. Lester Boyd LB Kentucky
7. Mike Morucci RB Bloomsburg State
8. Chuck Evans LB Stanford
9. Frank Mordica RB Vanderbilt
10. Tanya Webb DE Michigan State
11. George Woodard RB Texas A&M
12. Kiser Lewis LB Florida A&M


1. Russell Erxleben K-P Texas
2. Reggie Mathis LB Oklahoma
4. Jim Kovach LB Kentucky
5. Harlan Huckleby RB Michigan
6. Ricky Ray CB Norfolk State
7. Stan Sytsma LB Minnesota
8. Doug Panfil G Tulsa
11. David Hall WR Missouri-Rolla
12. Kelsey Finch RB Tennessee


1. Wes Chandler WR Florida
2. James Taylor T Missouri
3. Barry Bennett DT Concordia (Minn.)
4. Don Schwartz S Washington State
5. Eric Felton CB Texas Tech
6. Mike Rieker QB Lehigh
6. Francis Chesley LB Wyoming
8. Brooks Williams TE North Carolina
9. Richard Carter CB North Carolina State
11. Nathan Besaint DT Southern
11. David Riley RB West Virginia
12. Larry Hardy TE Jackson State


1. Joe Campbell DE Maryland
2. Mike Fultz DT Nebraska
3. Robert Watts LB Boston College
5. Dave Lafary T Purdue
5. Dave Hubbard T Brigham Young
6. Cliff Parsley P Oklahoma State
6. Tom Schick G Maryland
7. Greg Boykin RB Northwestern
8. Jimmy Stewart S Tulsa
9. Dave Knowles T Indiana
10. Rafael Septien K S.W. Louisiana
11. John Blain T San Jose State
12. Oakley Dalton DT Jackson State


1. Chuck Muncie RB California
2. Tony Galbreath RB Missouri
3. Bob Simmons T Texas
4. Tinker Owens WR Oklahoma
5. Scott Parrish T Utah State
6. Terry Stieve G Wisconsin
7. Ed Bauer G Notre Dame
8. Craig Cassady DB Ohio State
9. Warren Peiffer DT Iowa
10. Junior Hardin LB Eastern Kentucky
11. Greg Kokal QB Kent State
12. Milton Butts T North Carolina State
13. Kenny Downing DB Missouri
14. Rich Hucke DE Western Montana
15. Steve Seminoff DT Wichita State
16. Gene Jones T Bowling Green
17. Scott McDonald TE West Virginia


1. Larry Burton WR Purdue
1. Kurt Schumacher G Ohio State
2. Lee Gross C Auburn
3. Andrew Jones RB Washington State
3. Elois Grooms DE Tennessee Tech
4. John Starkebaum S Nebraska
4. Charles Hall DE Tulane
6. Mike Lemon LB Kansas
7. Steve Rogers RB LSU
9. Mike Strachan RB Iowa State
10. Chuck Heater RB Michigan
11. Danny Lee P E. Louisiana
12. Ron Gustafson WR North Dakota State
13. Jim Upchurch RB Arizona
14. Randy Rhino CB Georgia Tech
15. Grant Burget RB Oklahoma
16. Mike McDonald LB Gatawba
17. Greg Westbrooks LB Colorado


1. Rick Middleton LB Ohio State
2. Paul Seal TE Michigan
4. Rod McNeil RB USC
5. Joel Parker WR Florida
5. Terry Schmidt CB Ball State
8. Alvin Maxson RB SMU
9. Phil LaPorte T Penn State
10. Frosty Anderson WR Nebraska
10. Tommy Thibodeaux G Tulane
11. Kent Merritt WR Virginia
12. James Buckmon DE Pittsburgh
13. Mike Truax LB Tulane
14. Kent Marshall S TCU
15. Larry Cipa QB Michigan
16. Don Coleman LB Michigan
17. Marvin Williams WR Western Illinois


2. Derland Moore DE Oklahoma
2. Steve Baumgartner DE Purdue
3. Pete Van Valkenburg RB Brigham Young
4. Jim Merlo LB Stanford
6. Marty Shufford RB Arizona
7. Billy Cahill S Washington
8. Bob Peterson G Utah
8. Doug Winslow WR Drake
9. Mike Fink CB Missouri
10. Jeff Horsley RB North Carolina Central
11. James Owens RB Auburn
12. Paul Orndorff TE Tampa
13. Richard Watkins DT Weber State
14. Paul Fersen T Georgia
15. Mike Evenson C North Dakota State
16. Howard Stevens RB Louisville
17. Bobby Garner TE Winston-Salem


1. Royce Smith G Georgia
2. Willie Hall LB USC
3. Bob Kuziel C Pittsburgh
3. Tom Myers S Syracuse
4. Mike Crangle DE Tennessee-Martin
4. Joe Federspiel LB Kentucky
4. Mike Coleman DE Knoxville College
5. Bill Butler RB Kansas State
5. Carl Johnson T Nebraska
5. Bo Davies S South Carolina
6. Wayne Dorton G Arkansas State
6. Curt Watson RB Tennessee
7. Ernie Jackson CB Duke
8. Ron Vinson WR Abilene Christian
9. Kent Branstetter DT Houston
10. Andy Kupp G Idaho
11. Paul Dongieux LB Mississippi
12. Steve Lockhart TE Arkansas State
13. Cephus Weatherspoon WR Ft. Lewis
14. Steve Barrios WR Tulane
15. Rusty Lachaussee QB Tulane
16. Joe Balthrop G Tennessee
17. Dick Graham WR Oklahoma State


1. Archie Manning QB Mississippi
2. Sam Holden T Grambling
3. Bivian Lee CB Prairie View
4. Carlos Belt TE Houston
4. Wimpy Winther C Mississippi
4. Dartagnan Martin CB Kentucky State
4. Don Morrison T Texas-Arlington
6. Don Morehead RB Michigan
7. Larry DiNardo G Notre Dame
7. Bob Newland WR Oregon
8. James Elder CB Southern
8. Bob Gresham RB West Virginia
9. Tam Williams S Williamette
10. Rocky Pamplin RB Hawaii
11. Bob Pollard DE Weber State
12. Ron Gathright CB Morehead State
13. Don Burchfield TE Ball State
14. Bobby Scott QB Tennessee
15. Bart Graves DE Tulane
16. Craig Robinson T Houston
17. Hermann Eban WR Oklahoma State


1. Ken Burrough WR Texas Southern
3. Clovis Swinney DE Arkansas State
4. Delles Howell CB Grambling
5. Glenn Cannon S Mississippi
5. Steve Ramsey QB North Texas State
6. Mel Easley CB Oregon State
7. Lon Woodard DE San Diego State
8. Lawrence Estes DE Alcorn State
9. Jim Otis RB Ohio State
10. Jim Brumfield RB Indiana State
11. Gary Klar LB Arizona
12. Willie Davenport CB Southern
14. Doug Sutherland DE Wisconsin-Superior
15. Jim Vest DE Washington State
16. Cliff Gasper DT Grambling
17. Doug Wyatt S Tulsa


1. John Shinners G Xavier
2. Richard Neal DE Southern
4. Dennis Hale S Minnesota
4. Bob Hudspeth T Southern Illinois
5. Tony Kyasky S Syracuse
5. Keith Christensen T Kansas
6. Bob Miller TE USC
8. Jim Lawrence WR USC
9. Joe Owens LB Alcom State
10. McKinley Reynolds RB Hawaii
11. Tommy Morel WR LSU
12. Tom Broadhead RB Santa Barbara State
13. Joe Robillard CB Linfield, Oregon
14. Gary Loyd P California Lutheran
15. Bill Wailer WR Xavier, Ohio
16. Edd Harget QB Texas A&M
17. Chico Kurzawski S Northwestern


1. Kevin Hardy DE Notre Dame
3. Dave Szmakowski WR West Texas State
4. Willie Crittendon DT Tulsa
4. Dan Sartin G Mississippi
5. Ronnie Lee South QB Arkansas
7. Ray Phillips G Michigan
7. Eugene Howard CB Langston
8. Dick Swatland G Notre Dame
9. Joe Blake G Tulsa
10. Doug Robinson S Iowa State
11. Benie Blocker RB South Carolina State
12. John Beck CB San Diego State
13. Kayo Trepanier T Montana State
14. Herbert Covington RB Memphis State
15. Wilmer Cooks RB Colorado
16. Elie Ghattas G Ball State
17. Jim Ferguson LB USC


1. Leslie Kelley FB Alabama
2. James (Bo) Burris S Houston
2. John Gilliam RB South Carolina State
2. David Rowe DE Penn State
3. Del Williams G Florida State
3. Ben Hart WR Oklahoma
4. Ron Widby P Tennessee
4. Bill Carr C Florida
4. Tom Stangle T Dayton
5. Don McCall RB USC
5. John Douglas CB Texas Southern
6. George Harvey G Kansas
6. Charles (Bo) Wood LB North Carolina
7. Gary Hertzog G Williamette
7. Bob McKelvey LB Northwestern
8. Sam Harris TE Colorado
8. Barry Siler LB Albion
9. Tim Lavens TE Idaho
9. Eugene Ross CB Oklahoma
10. Charles Brown RB Missouri
10. Roosevelt Robertson TE North Carolina College
11. Jim Benson G Florida
11. Bernard Corbin CB Alabama A&M
12. Jonnie Pack G Texas Tech
12. John Robinson WR Tennessee
13. Bill Stetz LB Boston College
13. Gary Grossnickle S Missouri
14. Jim Hester TE North Carolina
14. George Stetter CB Virginia
15. John Snow DT Wake Forest
15. Darrell Johnson RB Lamar
16. Marcus Rhoden WR Mississippi State
16. Bruce Cortez CB Parsons College
17. Dan Abramowicz WR Xavier, Ohio
17. Billy Bob Stewart LB SMU
17. Jim Walker S Providence

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doesn’t have the coaching staff in a panic because they believe backup Jake Delhomme can be just as effective in the offense.

If they shaved a few million off the starting quarterbacks salary , that would allow the Saints to sign all the soon to be pricey free agents .Delhomme has not started the last 2 years so he could get much better and is evaluated at almost the same level as Brooks now .

Trade Bait !!!!
lol , had to do it .........

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