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SycoSurfer 12-16-2002 02:43 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
If Aaron Brooks cared enough about the game to watch any of it yesterday he could have learner a valuable lesson. Culpepper put on a clinic. It is called pocket presence. When a rush come from the outside you step up. When a rush comes inside you roll out. NEVER I repeat NEVER do you drop back 15 yards and try and throw off your back foot. When you roll out to the side you can still make a 5 yard dump pass even if you are 5 yards deep its only a 10 yard pass. If you drop back 15 yards and try to make a 5 yard pass its a 20 yard pass and alot harder to make. When Culpepper did get rushed he would side step or step back and roll out a lil but stay close enough to hit a WR comming back on a 5-10 yard route cause it was still a short pass. Brooks would drop BACK and roll BACK and run BACK and then he couldnt throw on the run 25 yards so he would have to eat it and get sacked. Now I know Brooks had a little more pressure on him during the game, but that doesnt excuse him losing 15 yards on a sack when he could have stayed closer to the line and only lost say 7 or possibly make a short dump pass for 2-3 yards.

Second lesson- Awareness! When WRs are covered and you have no pressure you can wait for them to get open or you can tuck and run. Culpepper had 70+ yards yesterday and did he take one hit cause he ran? NO Cause he would pick up 10, 15, 20 and slide or get down taking no big hit. Culpepper knows when he can run and help his team. He also knows when he can wait on a pass to get open and hit a deep pass. He didnt throw it away when he had no pressure on him he would buy tyme and buy tyme and then do sumthing. He made the most of every play!

Brooks has all the tools Culpepper has maybe even more, but he doesnt have the presence or awareness to do waht Culpepper does. Brooks is a physically blessed athlete, but maybe he just doesnt have the instincts. You cant teach those its like a 6th sense.

Is it just me that sees this or do others agree?

saintfan 12-16-2002 03:04 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
Way to POST Gatorman. Perhaps Sycosurfer is aptly named. Even with a 107 passer rating the Brooks bashers won\'t give it up. Syco missed by a mile, but you, sir, made a fingertip grap for the TD! :P

saintfan 12-16-2002 03:07 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
grab even ;)

SycoSurfer 12-16-2002 03:28 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
You guys cant be serious! Did I say Brooks played bad and cost us the game? NO Have I not said a bad thing about Brooks in the past 2 week? You guys are so in love with Brooks that you miss the point of the post to protect him when Im not even challenging him. Do you like it when he drops back 15 yards and we miss a FG? It happend a few weeks back. He drops back too much. He is a great QB most talented we have and he just needs to learn to step up not drop so far back. If you guys could look past my name and read this post for what it is maybe you could see that. The problem is you all have me labeled as a Brooks hater and when I try and make a post as a fan yall all bash me and miss the point.

Do you not think that Culpepper looked like a great QB against us? Is our D much worse than theirs? Why didnt Brooks do the things Culpepper did if he is so good?

Can you name 3 ppl on their D without looking at We have all pro DL Darren Howard and notables Jacson and Hand. Then we have all pro CB Carter and SS Sammy Knight. They have Hovan and whoelse a washed up Biekert? Get real

Minn- 367 ypg allowed 260 passing 27.8 ppg allowed
NO- 364 ypg allowed 245 passing 25.6 ppg allowed

So our D is bad and Culpper did play a good game vs a bad team, but Brooks had the same chances and played good against a D just as bad. Then only difference was Brooks dropped back alot and lost valuable yards Culpepper didnt.
Culpepper sacked 3 tymes for 12 yards 4 yps.
Brooks sacked 4 tymes 34 yards 8.5 yps.

What is yall argument about that? Dont get mad at me cause Im making a good point about Brooks just accept it. Im not blaming him just saying he does that alot. I know the D cost us the game I didnt blame Brooks for the lost and if I did please show me in my post where I said Brooks lost us the game.

SycoSurfer 12-16-2002 04:20 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
ONCE AGAIN WHEN AND WHERE DID I BLAME BROOKS?!? This is about his learning... Im agreeing with you and you are still trying to tell me I am wrong. I am not talking about the game this weekend at all.

Here is some research I just finished to prove my point about not having pocket presence and droping back to much.
Brooks has been sacked 30 tymes for 196 yards an avg of 6.46 yards per sack
Carr has been sacked 70 tymes for 378 yards an avg of 5.4 yards per sack

Let me guess Carr has a better line? More weapons? More exp? NO He has better presence!

And if you want to say thats stats are sumtymes deceiving look past Brooks TD passes and look at his rating or consistency. Our D has lost us games this year, but Brooks hasnt always won us games like yall like to praise him for. Maybe the run after catch makes Brooks numbers better. We have good WR who can make plays. Im just looking at him as a whole and he is way behind where he should be developmentally. That worries me. He is taking a long tyme to learn things you shouldnt take that long to learn.

We have a talented team we just need better awareness and smarts. We have 2 LBs that are 6\'2 and 6\'4 and 240 and run 4.5 range. (Hodge, Allen) We have a QB that can chunk it 70 yards and throw it through a piece of plywood. We have a WR that can run a 4.2. Our strongest OL is on the bench. So what!

We have alot of talent and we just need exp and awareness. Im not saying Brooks isnt a good QB but Im saying he needs better awareness and presence to maximize his talent. Sumtymes he hurts the team by droping back so far. It makes it say 2nd and 25 or 3rd and 20 things like that are not as easy to make up. We missed a FG 2 weeks ago against Tampa cause Brooks dropped back and Rice pulled him down for a loss of 14 yards. Carney missed a 48 yard FG. How many 34 yard FG Carney miss this year? Brooks Drops back into the EndZone alot instead of stepping up out of the endzone. Sumtymes he is just unaware and that is dangerous.

We lost to Detroit Brooks had 3 turnovers we lost by 5. TO margin -3
We lost to Atlanta Brooks had 2 turnovers we lost by 2. TO margin even
We lost to Atlanta again Brooks 2 turnovers we lost by 7. TO Marin -1
We lost to Cleveland Brooks had 4 turnovers we lost 9. TO margin -4
Yesterday was the only game Brooks played good in and we lost. So Im not blaming it on him. But look at the others kinda hard not to say he was a major reason we lost. Our D is not great, but they do keep the games close.

SycoSurfer 12-16-2002 05:47 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
I am talking about the games where we lost. Look at the TO margin in those games and we were in all of them. How can you say that our D isnt keeping us in there. I mean they are not winning games but how many games have we got blown out in??? Our d plays well enough to keep us in games and it is sad that our O has to win it. I agree our O should not have to score on every drive but for you to say that our D is so horrible isa misstatement.
16 INTs 4 blocked Kicks 18 fumble recovers 34 sacks.
That is 1 INT1 FR 2.5 sacks per game and a blocked kick every 4 games or so. We are plus 6 in the TO margin. We also have 4 more sacks than our opponents. I know the pts allowed is high, but when we score 30+ pts the other team has to attack more they take more chances and we do get beat on big plays we shouldnt get beat on. We might not have a great D but it is not the most horrible D in the league. We just allow alot of points cause of costly turnovers and costly penalties 29th in the league.
We are 4th in the league in take aways...27th in yards allowed. So yes we give up alot of big plays but yes we make alot of big plays to keep us in the game.

subguy 12-16-2002 06:59 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
Hey, is this a forum? Can people type an opinion without being flamed? Flaming is one thing,but Gatorman, aXanax could help you immensly. I am proud of the Saints,but our defense has been the issue all season. Our D looked good in the second TB game,except for Alstott run. Culpepper is a good QB,but he is not the second coming. I live in Orlando,he attended U. Central Florida,so I watched him in college. We made this team look like they have a winning record. When you know Randy Moss is the only true target,why was he open? Schemes,Players,Moss????? Brooks has done a great job,particularly in the clutch. We have played from a third and long most of the year. I digress, Culpepper was allowed to look great this week,but I feel the guy lacks weapons,or he could be a better QB. His first year ,there was little dissention in the ranks,he looked worse his next year because his own teammates were applying ruthless pressure to him. Look at the great QB\'s, I use Marino he was the one applying pressure to his teammates not the other way around.

Regardless,Culpepper falls into the upper middle of the pack in the NFL,as far as Qb\'S are concerned.

WhoDat 12-16-2002 09:12 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, Syco is absolutely right. Go back and look at his original post. Culpepper did put on a clinic. Never, and I mean NEVER, have I seen Brooks take two steps up into the pocket, reset himself and make a throw. NEVER have I seen him step into a hit and still deliver a strike. Culpepper did that at least 10 times against us. Or he tucked and ran.

I know people are sensitive about the Brooks issue. I have been critical of Brooks and I am a big Delhomme fan. All that crap aside, how can you disagree with what Syco said?!

We have a better running back. We have better receivers overall. Brooks has generally good statistics. Still, he does not have the intangibles that a guy like Culpepper does. He makes bad decisions, he doesn\'t know how to avoid the rush affectively, and his numbers, in my humble opinion, should be even better. He isn\'t smart enough, he doesn\'t have the heart, and he definitely isn\'t interested in getting hit. Brooks could have learned a LOT from watching Culpepper yesterday. Syco, I completely agree with you.

FWtex 12-16-2002 09:47 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
I have to weigh in for what syco is trying to say here. AB had a good game yesterday but could it have been better if he had better presence and skill in the pocket. AB does not help his own cause as much as he could by being able to elude the rush and make a defence pay the price for bringing a blitz.

I like AB but I would like to see him develop more this year than I have seen. I blame both AB and his coaches for this. Who is teaching him to back pedal when he feels the rush? Obviously he is being coached to do this because he has been doing it all year. I am thinking to the year Dilfer led the Ravens to the superbowl. He did not win them any games but he did not lose them any games either. Is this the philosophy the coaches are instilling in AB. LORD I HOPE NOT! He is better than that.

I also do not think AB is in very good physical condition right now. I am not talking about injuries but playing condition. For the qickness and elusiveness he is suppose to have I do not see it. I see a QB that is being chased down behind the line and forced to throw the ball away in desperation. I see a player that has tried to scramble up the field yet stumble on his own feet. Ab is making plays but he is not making plays he could be capable of making that would seperate him from an average QB to a great QB defenses fear.

I do not Blame AB as much as I do his coaches. They are the ones allowing him to develop his bad habits.

daviddrake2 12-16-2002 10:13 PM

Pocket Presence and Awareness...Instructor Culpepper
I have to at least partially agree with Syco here in that even though Brooks is terribly talented in some areas and could, I repeat could become a great QB in this league, he needs to learn from his mistakes, i.e. learn that dropping back 5, 10 15 or more yards is not smart or usually necessary, that it is a good thing to stay in the pocket when possible, that you can still make a good throw when under pressure and that when the pressure is on and you\'ve got no open receivers it\'s OK to run (if he\'s worried about getting banged up, learn to slide).

These are all things that a QB needs to learn and have become second nature. I just don\'t think Brooks understands this yet. Hopefully he will somewhere down the line -- sooner than later.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

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