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Danno 08-30-2004 08:04 AM

Final roster practically set...
QB(3)-Brooks, Bouman, O'sullivan
RB(3)-Deuce, Stecker, Carter
WR(6)-Horn Pathon,Stallworth, Henderson, M.Lewis, (Black or Gardner)
TE(4)-Williams, Conwell, Hilton, Hall
OL-(8)-Gandy, Riley, Bentley, Jacox, Holland, Stinchcomb, Folau, (Nesbit or Fontenot)

I'd consider a 9th O-lineman in lieu of the 9th D-lineman listed below though

DT(4)-Sullivan, Young, Green, Leisle
DE(4)-Howard, Grant, Smith (M.Williams, Bryant or Whitehead)
DL(9th)- (Whitehead, Bryant, M.Williams, K.Allen)
LB(7)-Watson, Allen, Rodgers, Ruff, Grant, Smith, Bockwoldt (Hodge doesn't count against the 53 till week 4)
CB(5)-Thomas, Brown, Craft, Ambrose, Montgomery
S(4)-Jones, Bellamy, Mitchell, (Harper or Gleason)

I'd put Whitehead on the PUP list and deal with a roster cut in week 6. This would allow us to keep Gleason as our special teams' kamikaze.


Did I forget anybody????

[Edited on 30/8/2004 by Danno]

vettepilot 08-30-2004 09:23 PM

Final roster practically set...
I agree with most of your list, however I am somewhat impressed with the rookie fullback Schurman. While he needs experience, his size and talent are on target. Your thoughts?

pakowitz 08-30-2004 09:34 PM

Final roster practically set...
saints are only keepin one full back so karney is in and the other guy is out

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