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FrenzyFan 09-03-2004 09:26 PM

Scary as anything
I've been yelling at Todd Bowel-man all game and then they interview Haslett during the half-time break and he says (paraphrase):

"Our receivers are playing badly. We've got guys who've been here for years not lining up in the right place...."

Could it be that our WR are that bad? I am not talking about potential or talent. If I am to believe Haslett, our veterans still don't know the playbook?

On the bright side, the D looks good but against the Dolphins in pre-season with a hurricane back home for them - I am not sure how much to value it. Still, I'll take it.

spkb25 09-03-2004 09:35 PM

Scary as anything
good points alla round frenzy. in that thinking as far as haslett u would have to say they have been bad the whole preseason because bouman has been bad all preseason. but i agree about it being miami but i thought of it like this if were dominating them with our d were suppose but last year we wouldnt have. so that at least looks like were improved.

FrenzyFan 09-03-2004 09:40 PM

Scary as anything
I cannot believe Bouman keeps fumbling the ball...... I am reminded of last season.

spkb25 09-03-2004 09:43 PM

Scary as anything
yeah i dont get to watch it live but im watching it on play by play n its frigan ridiculous. what is his prob. christ i hope arron is healthy this year

spkb25 09-03-2004 09:44 PM

Scary as anything
does our o line look that bad?

saintfan 09-04-2004 12:28 PM

Scary as anything
I listened on the internet and I could hear McCarthy, who was apparantly in the booth next to the radio guys, using language the FCC tends to look down on. This man was irate! Funny...sort of.

The radio broadcasters were all over the offensive line...particular the backups. They conceeded that Bouman wasn\'t playing particularly well but they also said the o-line wasn\'t giving him much of an oppurtunity.

Colby Bockwoldt had a really good night tho, and it sounded like Montgomery played well too. The final cuts are gonna be interesting.

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